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The Whole Person

We are more than our body, more than our past, even more then “just” our spiritual self… and certainly more than our “star sign”…

We are whole beings (a mind, body and spirit). When we neglect one, we neglect the others. It’s really that simple.

Consider each direction on the compass as one aspect of your life. Each of these serves a purpose and has a place. This is what “Holistic Wellness” means.

To step back, take it slow and consider all elements of our health and wellbeing collectively. Let us not lose sight and perspective of the whole, while focusing merely on a single “symptom” or aspect of life.

When we look at the whole person… we are able to maintain balance.

Natural Therapies

There are many possible pathways to wellness. We simply need to find the ones that resonate with us. As a Holistic Therapist, I aim to restore energy and alignment where imbalance and stagnation have become dysfunctional.

Since ancient times, people have been tapping into the healing powers of energy therapies such as acupressure (and acupuncture), reflexology, massage, herbalism, food as medicine and yoga.

As a Therapist, my purpose is to empower women to maintain balance and wellness, beyond mere health (defined as the absence of dis-ease).

Wellness, on the other hand, is the promotion of what makes us thrive. It’s the complimentary and preventative medicine that utilises methods to enhance our strength and longevity beyond healing.


Holistic Counselling

As a Holistic Counsellor, Mental Health Practitioner, past Youth Worker & Nanny, it’s my passion to work with parents and young people to support better family relationships and foundations for fulfilment.

This is where my passion for Homeschooling is rooted and why working with Women and Young people has a special place in my heart.

Feng Shui Consultations

As a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner since 2003, having trained under Vic Ketis at the Australian Academy of Feng Shui and Grand Master Raymond Lo from Hong Kong in Singapore, I am deeply passionate about the impact our home and environment have on our lives.

Traditional (Flying Star) Feng Shui is sought to assist in the selection, design and building sites, floor plans and interiors.

Feng Shui is used as a way to harmonise, balance and harness energies both seen and unseen in the home and workplace.  As a Consultant, we are able to support better sleep, health, relationships, career and business stability, as well as prevent / clear undesirable energies being attracted to the dwelling.


Leah has been writing blogs since 2006. Here is a collection of her writings over the last ten years on all things from health and philosophy to motherhood and parenting.