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Today, while in Don Tolman’s Boot Camp 4 Brains, I laughed and i cried at all of the great and beautiful things that i was blessed to be present to. I am so thankful for the great wisdom shared before me and have walked away a transformed soul.

While i was on holidays in QLD, I found out Don was doing this in Melbourne, which meant i missed out. But I just had to do this Boot Camp 4 Brains, so off to the next one I came, and here i am in Perth…just to do this!

I first saw Don Tolman on Mornings with Kerrie Anne, and immediately was nodding and wanting to hear more of what this guy had to say. This was back around 2006 or just after.

Since, I have kept on reading his name through various different emailing list i was on, and therefor knew that eventually i had to see this guy.

Well, yesterday and today, I have sincerely been blown away. I am now…a HUGE fan of the guy. His energy and life, is enormous. All i can say is, i look up to Don Tolman and am in awe of the great wisdom he beholds.

The learning that has occurred over the last two days, could be seen as somewhat of a miracle and it saddens me that such wonderful learning techniques is not mandatory if not at least shared in ALL school systems, especially in early years.

A whole auditorium seemed to do the impossible, after being awakened to ancient learning principles that have been sadly lost along the way, hidden from humanity, leaving great big gaps between what is, and what is truly possible.

If you, like me, have an interest in learning, self education and self care, then guys, may i suggest giving yourself the gift of renewed life and awareness, by investing in yourself enough to enroll into Don Tolman’s Boot Camp for Brains, or at least to attend anything he is presenting.

He sheds light on so many “very potent” truths that have the potential to transform your whole way of living, thinking and being. I urge you with great faith, to at least give yourself the time to find out what he and his cause is about. In my eyes, you cant afford not to.

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