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Avoid pharmaceutical drugs for cold symptoms with some effective & non-invasive natural remedies.
Simple whole foods medicines for colds:

  • The most effective thing you can do for a cold is to have plenty of vitamin C in your diet.
  • Onions have powerful anti-bacterial properties, and are therefore a wonderful help in breaking down the mucus build up that leads to colds.
  • Garlic is renowned for its healing properties and treatments for colds so is definitely a top remedy.
  • Combat the dehydration that comes with the cold and help clear up the congestion by drinking plenty of water.
  • Use pure honey to help dry up mucus as it has strong probiotic properties. It is also helpful in weight loss and insomnia and is believed to assist in the healing of cancer, heart and other diseases- the same way a natural/ raw foods diet does.
  • Salt water is a better decongestant than any nasal spray offered by pharmaceutical companies- which you can either drink, or snort.
  • Regular saunas keep colds at bay, because the temperature blocks cold viruses from reproducing.
  • A number one cause for colds, is breathing lifeless air, that is itself blocked and trapped/ stagnant, so simply getting outside and going for a walk for just 15 minutes a day, and venting out the home (opening windows or turning on the ceiling fans) for just half an hour a day is one of the most effective ways of deterring the common winter cold.
  • To help clear out the build up of mucus, ear candling is known to detox and remove phlegm from the body and particularly the ears & sinus areas, helping restore balance and not to mention hearing.
Incorporating these simple self care tips, will definitely help keep the doctor away, which will help you stay clear from toxic pharmaceutical drugs (that often only treat symptoms, rather than actual causes, problems and roots of the ailments).

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