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Each day I see as a gift to be savored and lived fully, as I know so well how precious it is, how fast it can end and how sudden things can change. I am grateful for each word that has been shared, both written and spoken, to inspire me along the way, to keep me going that little bit further when I have needed it. Such small things can make such a big difference in life, and in knowing this…I want nothing more than to make it all count. A moment, a word of encouragement and hope, a look a hug…can all go so far. Timeless are the times shared honestly where love and faith are expressed.

Moments like those are the ones that never die and can be re-lived like reality over and over through time, over years gone by…and they really do count. I believe these are the moments we take with us to the end- and that get us there. Though I live in the moment, I know that each day is so powerful in potential to make a difference to someone other than ourselves…and knowing this can enrich our lives so deeply..taking us up and out of our down and out times. Taking time to say hello, thank you, or I love you can do so much if we just reach into our hearts and find it in us before it’s too late to share. What a difference we can make.

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