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For the life that I have been blessed to experience after the parting of the clouds and goodbyes of many kinds, my heart opens up to the light of the sun and the new life begun. Such abstract pieces that created such a puzzled journey, now make for poetic comprehension, of the unspeakable and invisible current that we float upon in this world.

Such contrasts of existence a blessing to the witness who is me- to cruise upon this ship of life in so many different kinds of waters. Battered at times in the stormy crashes, blessed with new knowing of how to meander, and find ways in which to endeavor streaming. Realizing often that things are not as they are seeming. Blessed is this soul, who sees now, how and where to sail…how easy it can be to just simply fail. My gratitude is owed to the darkest of nights that taught me so. How to float and when to row. Those things, I will always know.

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