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Time is such a valuable thing! I remember a few years ago I wrote down a list of wishes if you will, as goals that I was hoping to attain, with a time frame of 1 year. Placing them in an envelope I wrote the date on it for one year later, and only then I would open it. In that list I came up with some (seemingly) crazy ideas of “things I would love” to achieve.

I imagined a beautiful place to live, specifically in a “tree lined street” with a beautiful street scape. I also wrote I would be teaching Astrology…and at the time that I dared to write these goals, I had no idea of how I would attain them, I just imagined it. I “thought” to myself, I don’t have the confidence to teach, how nerve wracking. But you know what, I would “love” to be able to.

Among these goals, were other study dreams, to complete my Holistic Counselling Diploma and continue studying as I have always dreamed to do so, among other things. Over a year had gone by, and one day I was reading a book of mine. At the back of that book I found that envelope. I had completely forgotten about it all and was amazed and excited when I saw it, thinking…this should be interesting.

I couldn’t wait, opening it straight away. And those were the goals that I read through that list. The list was written in a way that simply stated that I had already attained these things…saying: I Leah Jade, now have the following…(with the date written for a year later). I couldn’t believe my eyes. These things had come true! Though the time had passed beyond the point that they had been attained, when new goals were set, I had- at that point in time, specified…achieved those things “that I affirmed I would have, in such a way that stated it as being so.”

From that point on, I “really” understood something about goals. I realised the power of clarifying and owning them. Declaring and noting them, for a specific time to be attained by. What an amazing thing. Goals give us a certain level of subconscious accountability around what we want, and choose to accomplish and I cannot express how much this very fact can influence the unfolding of life. Write your goals down, email them to yourself with a date..for 6 months to a years time to open them…go into detail and let your heart guide you.

Break them down and be creative, imagine whatever it is you want, and declare it so for the date you would wish it to be…write them as though you already have them…and don’t let limiting beliefs, expectations or thoughts stop you. Its your life and your dreams. Run wild with them. You just never know what you can achieve.

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