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Though this holy day is not an Australian tradition, I am drawn to it at this time by it’s symbolism and significance in meaning, being around such a powerful thing called gratitude. To remember what we are grateful for, and dedicate an occasion to it’s sacredness I can imagine would be such a moving ritual if respected in it’s purpose.

I feel myself called to unite with the spirit of this “Thanks Giving” tradition by expressing my endearing gratitude for the magnitude of beauty in this world. From the rivers and mountains, to the lakes and the forests. The islands and sunsets, to the animals and people, all existence to me is a miracle to be celebrated and rejoiced, remembered and appreciated.

There inside my heart, lies a deep sense of thankfulness for the many moons I have seen and the many different places that I’ve been. I will always treasure the memories and feel blessed to have them. While I may not have had much stability as such, this universe has given me an abundance of love. From a helping hand and human compassion, to the opportunity to realise my passion- I’ve been blessed, and I’ve seen the very best.

I have loved so much, each moment that I could and to take any of it back, I never would. Each hardship and hurdle that’s made me fall, Id’e do it again I would do it all. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned, and the joy that I feel that I know I have earned. I can only pray that this love finds it’s way, to the many people for whom I care. For those who at some point have been there, to help me up or just soften the landing.

Grateful I am to have been gifted such beauty, in my circle of loved ones…who have moved me so. As if from heaven, I just want them all to know…How thankful I am that they are there, how special they are and how much I really care. To all of those who are in my world, I want you to know…I feel a lucky girl. For each moment I’ve spent on this earth, I shall be forever in debt, for the love that I have felt the luck that I have had, just to come to this point and still be alive. I promise dear life, for you I will strive.

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