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If you have ever wondered why certain things have occurred during your life at the moment they did, what purposeful meaning lies behind it all, or if things have all happened according to a higher order, it is that questioning and yearning to understand that was coming from a voice within you, of knowing and connectedness. That questioning is born from the place within you that is one with the universe, the being within you that is pure energy. There is not one moment of life that passes in which nothing that happens is divine synchronicity.

We are all part of this divine synchronicity, of God, universal light and consciousness. Physically we are surrounded by people places and circumstances that we, as a part of this order, have been carefully chosen and selected for the greater good, and this I say in belief being someone who has been curiously observant of such abstract realities. In my eyes, there is not one thing in existence, physical or non-physical that ever was or ever will be that does not serve humanity and the universe. From the smallest of acts, deeds, words and thoughts, we are indeed contributing to the simple perfection that is.

A walk, a touch, a look or a spoken word will never be without purpose and great contribution. We are everlasting vibrations sending energy out from within, reaching and encompassing the whole that inevitably returns as a part of existence, and as a part of the foundations that form new life, to sustain the great perfection that always has and always will exist on the planet, within the universe and also within us all.

Each moment of existence we have choices. Whether we understand them or consciously contemplate and even comprehend them, we are making choices that serve our unique purpose, contributing enormously to the balance and perfection of all that is. Our choices extend to the greatest and finest detail, that reach even beyond our conscious thinking. They indeed come from our higher centres, our infinite being and our oneness with all.

We choose everything in our life for many higher purposes. We each chose to enter this life in order to serve for the greater good. It is for many reasons, my firm conviction and stance that, we each came here to earth having already chosen the family and parents through which we set our foundations to teach us all we needed to know in order to give us the abilities to serve humanity. I believe that we each have chosen our families carefully so that we could reach the very point we are now to where we really chose to be. The moment we realise that all that is, in our lives, is our personal choice, we are most certainly gifted the greatest of power in being responsible and influential in our own journey and unfolding destiny.

It was our higher intelligence and resonance with all that is, that knew the perfect channel to get us to where we have chosen to be, where we knew we could make a significant difference and contribution to the divine. And sometimes we may not even realise this ripple affect that we so preciously possess. We choose the experiences we have, not as a physical body or intellectual being but as a part of this intelligent universal perfection. We choose everything we do to serve our purpose simply through our mere and wondrous existence.

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