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To understand the healing power of the sun, to really come to learn it’s incredible life sustaining powers…lay basking in it and just feel the vibration and sensation all through your body. Feel it tingle and flood every cell, spreading light and health right through to the bones.

Don’t shy away from the life promoting energy of the sun’s light, rejoice in it. Simply feed yourself goodness, and cleanse your body from toxins…so that the life giving sun- has no toxic cells to empower… As that, my friends is all that the sun knows how to do.

What it was designed to the universal generator of life. Just to give life. So if your body is toxic filled and diseased with stagnation, hide from this life source, as it will promote the life within you. And this kind of life, is not sustaining.

But Please, realise one thing…the sun is not the cause of cancer…it is you, who plants those seeds. The sun just showers them with light, that births life. Move your body, heal your hurts, feed yourselves only living foods that give you sustenance and cleanse your bodies of toxic impurities, and you will live a long, health filled life.

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