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Water is the universal source of life, for each living being, every species and all plant life. The number one healing and rejuvenating energy we have on this planet. It is our number one key to the prevention of disease, yet most are still yet to drink it enough to realise it’s great power in promoting health and wellbeing.

We have showers every day, yet turn to pre-sribed medicines to cure our ails, for which we should really be washing away, Internally…showering, cleansing and ridding our bodies from the impurities we so frequently expose ourselves to in alcohol, packaged and preservative packed (lifeless) foods and environmental toxins, to begin with.

To gain the amazing purifying benefits from water, our bodies need a 2 to 3 litres average for the adult body each day. Without it, a great many problems can take hold causing fatigue, congestion, lethargy, fluid retention and a whole range of toxic build up that can ultimately lead to serious conditions such as cancer.

Drink enough water and you can expect a vast difference and improvement in energy, clarity and general function of each organ and physical, as well as mental process we need to live healthy lives. Water is by far the greatest healing element on our planet, carrying vital life force energy that we call life. And therefore is the best way of promoting our own.

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