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To understand a person, look to their environment.

There you will find reflections of their true inherent values. An extension of ones inner reality, ones home & surrounds is as a cocoon to a butterfly, a protective shell that nurtures that which is yet to come into life, fruition and manifest! As our foundation, the home is like a spring board to a diver…a platform from which we reach for our goals.

True Feng Shui acknowledges that all things material (& unseen) have an energetic force, a vibrational quality and a relationship dynamic with the world around them. It acknowledges that every-thing has a particular elemental “quality”, just as we have certain qualities, as people. All things, indeed have a chemical interaction with …that which it comes into contact with.

Like the wind passing through the trees, we cannot deny the existence of unseen energies. We can clearly see their movement & force in the direction of sway, in the trees and our environment.

The Perfect Arrangement in Feng Shui is that which is reflected in an “Arm Chair” form. This is what is referred to as the desired Form School Feng Shui.

With a supported back (strong back), which is called the “Mountain”. This is symbolic of (indicates):

Strong & Supportive Relationships
Health & Wellbeing

Firstly we want “Containment” in Feng Shui. It is our priority through it’s practice and in fact, this very word is what the origins of the name Feng Shui, allude to through it’s poetic description of energy.

The name “Feng Shui” comes from a piece of ancient classical Chinese literature.

“The Energy of the Dragon (earth) is Dispersed by WIND & Stops at the boundary of WATER.”

What this alludes to is: Energy flows in open spaces (where there is WIND) & gathers in low ground (where WATER flows).

This goes back to the importance of balance between Yin & Yang, flow & containment- like the breath…In & out.

In this Perfect Arrangement, we also have what we all the Pheonix (Red Bird). This relates to an “Open Space in front of the building/ dwelling).

Reflective of “us” having open, clear space in front of us, so that we are able to see and move freely. In Feng Shui, it is a sign that the life of the occupants, has plenty of opportunities, freedom & energy flow welcome.

Ultimately, Feng Shui is about “comfort” and the strength & freedom this brings… The table (Pheonix) in front of the arm chair forms, is also a place where energy (opportunities) can accumulate and gather…

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