What’s happening in the heavens…

– Moving into the month of the Yang Water Dragon
– Mercury retrograde
– 5 planets in Aries & New Moon April 3rd
– Neptune in Pisces from the 4th

The Water Dragon…

April is an active month in the heavens. It’s also going to be a sneak peak of 2012, being the exact same pillar, the Yang Water Dragon. The main indications for April are “power positions being questioned”. With Water over the Dragon (earth), we can see physical reflections of this in land slides, floods and fog as a few examples, following the current global tendencies.

Mercury retrograde…

Starting April with Mercury retrograde, we can experience all kinds of technical challenges that brings us to our own inner light, retreating from communications to the inner world for some great reflection and learning. This can be a great time to study and also to learn from the past in looking backwards.

Aries Stellium…

The powerful element of fire will be prominent for the most part of April. We start with the sun and then new moon on the 3rd, with Mercury retrograde, then Mars entering Aries on the 3rd with the new moon. Jupiter and Uranus “all” transiting” Aries at once. The sign of “action, power & energy”, this month will see plenty of interesting new beginnings (with Aries being the first sign).

New Moon on the 3rd, with Mars entering Aries…

This new moon has great potential to see the birth of some powerful endeavors, initiatives and creations, joined by Mars. If ever there was a time to make a start and just go for something, it would be now. We have an abundance of energy to set out on a completely new path at the time. It is an auspicious time time map out a journey, do research and plan the road ahead. Just remember, “If you fail to plan…You plan to fail.” This means, the clearer the road map, the smoother the ride. So take this time as an opportunity to clarify your vision for the venture ahead.

Neptune in Pisces…

We are at a great point of enormous changes, where Neptune entering it’s own sign, represents the end of a grand life cycle in evolution. Pisces is the last sign, and this comes at the time where Uranus, the planet of lightening like change, enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have an alignment between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus, which signifies a great unfolding and breaking down of known structures and boundaries (all realms of Capricorn). At present we are at the entrance of a very transformational stage of evolution. With the north node recently entering Sagittarius, expect this time to take us to higher and higher levels of awareness, learning, awakening and realization of truth.

Enjoy the ride! It sure is expected to be a significant time of shifting and turning of the tides. This time is about a new world vision and global awakening.

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