New Moon in Aries – April 3rd

This new moon in Aries has great potential to see the birth of some powerful endeavors, initiatives and creations, joined by Mars, entering the sign. If ever there was a time to make a start and just go for something, it would be now. We have an abundance of energy to set out on a completely new path at this time.

Mind map, write goals, create a vision board, imagine and focus on your passion and purpose, as you have all the right stars behind you now, to enhance clarity and magnetism. Meditate, visualise and centre your energy on that which you are called to create.

This new moon is an auspicious time time map out a journey, do research and plan the road ahead. Just remember, “If you fail to plan…You plan to fail.” This means, the clearer the road map, the smoother the ride.

So take this time as an opportunity to clarify your vision for the venture ahead. With Mercury now retrograde, take your time, flesh out the road ahead and gain perspective on exactly how you are going to get to where you want to be. Now is also a great time of realisation, of exactly how much power we as individuals have, over the coarse of our lives, and that we are in fact the hand that steers our ship.

No matter what storms life throws at us, we are the boat and our wills are the captains of our ship. Now is the time to strengthen our ship with forehand knowledge, research and understanding, to give us the advantage over the coming tides and waves, with our anticipation and self education.

Remember also, that the more we seek to gain out of life, the more we need to give. What we get out is no more than what we put in. If we want skill, we need to spend our time and commitment. If we want wealth, we may need to give and sacrifice those things that we value less. Whatever we value, we will give those things that are lower on our priorities, for.

Everything that we have in this moment is a result of everything we have done, and to give others the responsibility for the way things are in our lives, is to dis-empower ourselves. So affirm over everything else, that each moment of your life, “You choose”. If there is something undesirable in your life right now, choose something else. Focus on creating rather than reacting. This very essence of the new moon in Aries, will support you in doing so.

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