Full Moon in Libra – 18th April

The sign of “relationships”…equally as significant as every other aspect of life – this full moon brings our inner attention to this realm of our lives. A deep well of sustenance, our relationships can now be recognized for the great resources that they are, of love, caring and understanding. This is a time of delving into matters of the heart, love relationships, partnerships and contracts both in business and in life.

Opposite Mercury (Retrograde), Mars & Jupiter, while conjunct Saturn, this full moon at in Libra is a wealth of possibility. We are able to tap into a powerhouse of energy through our interactions and relations with others in this time. Triggered and moved to get up and take action, reflect on our inner desires and expand ourselves, which can take us far beyond our comfort zones. Considering all aspects, we are truly able to take a leap of faith and learn from it now.

Possibly a very confusing time, we will need to learn to sit with this uncertainty in all of it’s ironic and poetic twists. This my friends, is the beauty of life. We never truly know as energy by nature and life itself are constantly in a state of transformation and change…so to know at times, may well be ignorant in believing that we have all of the answers and can rest upon them. This is not the case in truth, as we are constantly evolving and growing which requires the attainment of higher and higher states of consciousness and levels of understanding.

May you let go and enjoy the world of contemplation, imagination and possibility during the week of this full moon in the lovely Libra! There is always a great deal to learn from this phase of the moon, and being in Libra while aligned so actively with other heavenly bodies, we have a world to learn from and explore in this time. Blessings to you.

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