New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd of May (1:51am EDT)

This new moon is rich with seeds of inspirations, aspirations and desires to attain them. Associated with fertility and abundance, Taurus new moon can be likened to the Zen type of energy, in being empty but yet so full of possibility.

The new moon in Taurus brings an energy of fresh life with a freedom to imagine the creation of dreams yet to unfold and manifest into the fruits from which we can feed off in time to come.

Taurus is the sign of foundations, which can bring forth a sense of purity in the time of the new moon, as the cycle of completion has allowed for passed lessons to be integrated into new ideas and visions, ready to be given form.

A highly creative time, we are now drawn to focus on the things that bring rewards and return for our efforts. This moon provides us with a time to reflect upon the value of our work, our time and wisdom.

With all of these gifts, we can see how truly powerful we are in directing our energy and transforming it into that which brings us fulfillment. The sign of Buddha, Taurus can reveal to us, the abundant rewards from maintaining simplicity, and having an open pathway to whatever we choose in any moment.

May this new moon in Taurus bring many earthly fruits to your lives, in breaking through the boundaries of both mind and emotion. It’s now time to become present to possibilities and the very power that we have to create, whatever it is that we desire and dream of for ourselves and our lives.

Blessings, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers who by committing to bringing life into this world, have given their heart and souls to their off-springs, and in doing so, have left an immeasurable mark on this world.

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