Full Moon in Scorpio, Tuesday May 17th

The full moon in Scorpio is a time of rich transformation, highlighting the hidden aspects of life, the psych, drive and motivations behind our actions and achievements. Scorpio is a water sign that looks at reproductive concerns and kidneys as being vital sources of life force energy from which we give birth to life in the many forms, both physical and metaphysical.

Scorpio full moon denotes a time in which we face our ability to move with the flow of life and change with nature, unfolding and evolving into higher and higher states of consciousness. With a reputation of being associated with the darkness and shadow, Scorpio can bring out our more hidden aspects of self, for reflection and release upon attaining understanding of such things.

With the full light, reflected in the water element, this full moon can take us back to the past so that we may bring forth the learning achieved into our current existence, for enhanced wisdom and awareness, as to how to meander through the waters we now face in the journey we have set for ourselves in the present. This Scorpio full moon brings a strong focus on our purpose, beyond physical gain into the more emotional and spiritual realms.

Dream big dreams and avoid letting reason and logic getting in your way now, as the full moon gives us heightened psychic magnetism to draw in and create that which we give our focus to in this time.

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