An Eclipse month of Transformation…

Astrologically this new moon bringing the solar eclipse at the beginning of June, signifies a new chapter. It is the birth time of new cycles within evolution. In harmonious alignment (aspect) to Saturn (trine) in Libra, we are blessed with the sense that the life transitions unfolding are in perfect order and time.

A mentally stimulating time, we may well see triggers within government begin focusing more upon the importance of Mental Health (Gemini, ruling the mind & mental plane) while the sun rules health and vitality. The moon governing emotions, brings a gentle push into the new realm of adjusting our views around not only the area of mental health, but also our education system!

Education as we know it, has been largely built upon factory schooling, chant learning and filling in the blanks on papers with pre-selected answers for a pass as opposed to stimulating the mind, imagination and developing insight or individual gifts. Let us hope that this new moon eclipse in Gemini sees the hands of heaven’s time, lunar-tick us into a new way of seeing education in it’s purpose and possibilities!

With the Saturn and Pluto alignment also intense and heavy upon us now, with Astrologers all talking about it’s possible manifestations, I see this as a great potential for the changes needed to catch up with our current consciousness and awakening capacities, being so powerful and evolving.

Saturn rules the manifest world, while Pluto governs change, transformation and regeneration, which implies to me that with the Astrological influences at play, we have a great amount of possibility for growth and unfolding, so as to shift old ways and adjust to the intelligence that we now have, which is far beyond anything we have ever had the ability to attain before.

On June 4th we have a significant planetary shift with Jupiter moving into Taurus. This shall indicate some beautiful (Taurus rules beauty) developments (Jupiter rules expansion), regarding all things related to the earth element, which on an energetic level, signifies core stability, health and wellbeing. This may well mean we see some great developments in the health and wellbeing fields.

Taurus represents stability, so while it may suggest growing strength in people’s awareness around health and wellness, it may also suggest that the “earth” itself physically experiences “expansion”, as we are in a phase of global warming, on the opposite end of the ice-age, half way through one earth cycle. So it shall be interesting to see how the year ahead unfolds.

The 15th of June brings the total lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, bringing significant shifts and focus, globally upon our political rulings, our laws, religions and spirituality…all governed by the sign of Sagittarius. Notice internally the changes this eclipse triggers for you, as it will trigger more personal changes, differently for everybody (being the unique beings that we are).

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