New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

We currently have a rare planetary alignment (grand square aspect) between Saturn, Pluto, Uranus & Sun! This denotes some deep global and energetic, vibrational challenges that stir us to get serious about our purpose and direction. Current unfolding events shall prove valuable in in retrospect, in pushing us to get moving with the creation of our deepest drives and desires. With Pluto crowning the pivotal intense point of this transit, there is an air of change and transformation that comes through this transit.

This can highlight & or heighten the challenges and unsettling winds present at this time, though through them we are, as a result, able to see the revealed strengths that we possess, where we are most solid, and what we are not willing to shed (that which is inherently our core). A new understanding and power can be the gift as a result of standing still, through this intense (and possibly stormy) transit.

This Cancer New Moon solar eclipse on the 1st of July can be a wonderful time to meditate on our personal power as energetic influences over our lives. Like the ripple effect of a pebble dropped into a lake, this new moon can enhance our sense of radiance and life force, if we centre ourselves enough to feel this. With the sign of Cancer ruling strong family and root connections, this can signify a time to reflect on our relationship with the world around us, as well as those within our sphere of friends and loved ones.

In the sign of Cancer, this lunar event can be a highly imaginative and creative time, of birthing and beginnings, embarking on new ventures & sailing new seas. The process of planning and forethought will be the keys to success of such ventures coupled with practical caution & commitment, as the balancing qualities that compliment those of the Cancerian energy.

The new Moon in Cancer with a partial solar eclipse, also denotes a greatly fruitful time of reaping rewards from our past dedications, planning and hard work. This is a time of celebration and relaxation, in recognition of our recent accomplishments and attainments. It’s now time to enjoy it all before setting sail on the new journey that we set our gaze upon, as the eclipse plants it’s feet on our horizons.

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