Full Moon in Capricorn

Today’s full moon in Capricorn, in aspect (alignment) with Mars, Mercury & Venus… can indicate a feeling of being pushed into an emotional corner & naturally seeking to protect ourselves.

The key to dissolving this energy can lie in softening ourselves rather than hiding beneath a hard shell. It may be that we simply need to retreat into a place of reflection rather than do anything at all but trust.

This full moon calls for great inner reflection & in-sight. It is a time through such inquiry that we are able to learn a great deal about ourselves & others.

Encouraging deep focus upon life purpose, more particularly around career or family, this is the time in which we reflect upon our position & goals in these areas.

Capricorn is the opposite sign to Cancer, which is ruled by the moon… so the Capricorn full moon can be at once both balancing & magnetic, pushing & pulling us in different directions, both practically minded or emotionally swayed. Somewhere in between will be the answer.

For more on the Capricorn moon, “click here” to see a detailed photo album posted on my Astrology facebook page.

This moon denotes a time in which our life direction becomes a strong focal point, as we look to how we spend our time…assessing which things are congruent with our mission & those which are not.

A very special full moon, at the tip of a rare alignment, referred to as a “finger of god”, pointing to the moon. Aligned with Mars & Mercury, we learn greatly in reflection of how we communicate & deal with aggression, both in others & in ourselves.

This full moon also opposing Venus can warn us against being overly influenced by outer forces and becoming over-emotional. Social situations may trigger hidden feelings during this moon phase that can surface in eruption if we become ungrounded in the moment.

This full moon turns up the volume on the inner voice that guides us towards our place of purpose & integrity. Follow your intuition now more than ever, as it is greatly heightened during today’s full moon & over the coming couple of days.

The full moon heightens our connection to the home, our foundations & roots. With her gravitational pull over the ocean, the moon’s influence as it grows & peaks in cycle becomes more prominent. Governing our emotional self in Astrology, the moon’s sign in our chart reveals our inner nature, underneath the surface.

Like the crab, (Cancer being the sign ruled by the moon) deep down the moon reveals the softness. Like the private world of our personal space, this is where we are most sensitive. Our environment is particularly influential over our emotions during the full moon. Our connection to our surroundings is strong as our sensitivity peaks.

Being born around 90% water, remaining 70- 80% as adults, with the moon’s governance over water, heightening tidal & wind activity, we have long been known to be swept up in energetic tidal waves on full moon’s which can be unsettling. The term Lunar- Tick comes from this very fact, which denotes that during this time, we can become more emotional & less logical.

The key to enjoying the positive, more gentle aspect of the full moon lies in creating a comfortable, nurturing environment that helps us feel centred & calm. It’s a fantastic time to have a rejuvenating bath, cleanse & charge crystals under the full moon & light candles for relaxation & meditation, using their image to symbolise the purifying energy of the moon’s light.

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