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Our surroundings are mirror images of our inner world and if you are a sensitive type like myself, you are probably more prone to being influenced by that which is contained within your personal space. Energy is contained and accumulated in space, just as it is in water, like pollen and aromatherapy are, in the air. It is the quality of this energy that is actually quite vital to our own.

Creating a sacred space, especially at home allows for a place of healing that prevents the mental need for the “escape”, to “get away” from it all, or take holidays and stress leave that could really be prevented by spending attending to our surroundings, pouring love and life into our personal space, in order to build a sanctuary, that we never want to leave.

Finding music that lifts the spirit, making a collection for ourselves, so that when we are home, in our sacred space, we tune in to a spiritual place that is purely presence, rather than wasting our thoughts on distractions from being peaceful, focused and centred. Spending time in this sacred space with healing uplifting music, not only lifts our spirits, but the life force energy within our space that encourages relaxation.

Music is vibrational medicine… and can be far more empowering than watching the television, having our subconscious mind flooded with poisonous marketing, designed to “brainwash” us, all the while draining us of our inner wealth. Try switching off the tv just for one week, and experiment with this idea. You may just notice a significant increase in your energy and vitality!

Filling our space with life, plants, light, sound, scent and colour are all powerful secrets to tapping into and creating wellbeing…mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and beyond, as these aspects of ourselves all support one another. Light candles, burn aromatherapy, sprinkle sea salt in corners to absorb negative energy. Leave this for a day or even up to a week in a new home, to clear the energy of past residents or any traumatic events.

If we don’t stimulate and revitalize the energy within our space on an ongoing basis, it stagnates. Life force,is like water… it needs to be flowing. Open your windows, even for one hour a day…and you will feel your own energy become freer, as your space becomes circulated and purified. Utilise the healing powers of natures botanical essences with essential oils. Spray them, burn them, add them to your laundry and burn incense through each room to enhance and clear energy.

Clear your space of anything you do not use or need, give it away, sell it or simply discard of it. Clutter is the worst enemy of a clear mind, as procrastination is to productivity. Be inspired by your environment. Look to your walls… if there are paintings or images on them, how do they make you feel? Keep only images that inspire the imagination in a beautiful way. Remember, our environment is a mirror of our inner world, which determines the unfolding of our outer creations, our destiny and life path.

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