Full Moon in Aquarius, August 14th

The coming full moon in Aquarius reflects the full light of the sun, in Leo (it’s own sign). This shall bring to our conscious awareness, our highest callings, so we may refocus any aspects of ourselves that have lost sight of such powerful inspirations.

Aquarius is the sign of revolution and at times rebellion…which can be seen in the current outbreak of anarchy in England, surfacing with an intense alignment between Aquarius’ ruling planet, Pluto and Mars. This planetary alignment is known to bring about both change and challenge, and pushes things to points where they can no longer stay the same. Pluto and Mars in alignment with Uranus being the focal point of the transit, denotes sudden, out of the blue and unsettling events, triggered by violence (Pluto)and aggression (Mars), in their lower vibrational manifestations.

On a higher (lighter) energetic level, this transit can manifest as Flashes of insight, like electricity (Uranus), with light bulbs going off, stimulating an awakening type of energy. This Uranus activity is brought through now, in this Astrological transit, through the energy of spiritual (fire-Mars) and emotional (water-Pluto) changes…all indicated to encourage significant shifts of internal consciousness, leading to greater changes in the external as a result.

Reflecting the full light of the sun, this full moon is also opposing Venus and Mercury conjunct Leo in the heavens. This means a high level of sensitivity in relationships of all kinds, allowing for deep connections, and also laying things to rest once and for all, where things have been held onto. Anything left under the surface, held onto out of uncertainty, can now be understood and let go of in this time.

A socially interactive full moon, it is a time for enjoying the company of those we have most in common with, opening up and sharing ourselves honestly. A time of celebration during the strong Leo sun, mirrored in the moon’s reflection…this can really kick off the fun times and encourage a child-like state of play and expression. May you all enjoy this full moon to help me celebrate my birthday:) Love & blessings!

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