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Feng Shui is the art of creating an empowered foundation from which the rest of our lives can flow. It is the science of tuning into the unseen and arranging the physical environment around us to “fit” the universal order, called energy (chi).

Like aligning the spine with the assistance of muscular strength, flexibility and circulation, Feng Shui is the skill through which our surroundings are adjusted through the fine tuning of all supporting aspects, from the physical, to the energetic and other underlying influential factors.

With the ancient wisdom handed down, those who diligently apply this sacred knowledge, do so in the pursuit to amplify the energy and vitality that often lies just beneath our feet, awaiting our deliberate activation to support our environment, so that it…may support us ten fold.

A holistic master of this eastern philosophy, applies it in such a way that taps into the hidden potential within a space, balancing elements as a key principle to finding both stability and vitality. And from this energy, to empower people to influence the unfolding of their journey, as a reflection of their own core strength.

Our personal space is to us, as the womb is to the fetus, the vital and primary source of life, of nurturing and sustenance. It is Feng Shui wisdom to give back to that which feeds us, so as to strengthen the source that is our very life line. As the Dalai Lama says…‎”A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.”

Arranging our living spaces consciously, from it’s first stages of building design, through to the finishing details with the awareness of the interaction between each physical material, creating balance between the yin, the yang and the elements of nature, can promote feelings of calm and order within us, as enviro-organisms.

We are no doubt influenced by our environment, which is often contemplated in discussions of “Nature Versus Nurture”. I say that both aspects of life are very influential, as our nurturing comes very much from our surroundings, though our physical presence in any one environment is certainly influenced by the quality of energy in which we are immersed.

Feng Shui is a case of Nurture “aligned with” Nature! We are mirroring the divine beauty and perfection of nature through this very art, therefore creating a very real “energetic impression” upon those living within the space, which flows forth from their being, into easch aspect of their lives.

It is apparent to anyone looking at one’s personal space/ home, what condition their life is likely to be in…and for those more sensitive, even facades of physical beauty can be seen through, in the “feeling” of the space. Most people have at least one memory if not many of walking into a space and “sensing” the density of the air. It is as though the physical environment has cellular memory, just as we do as human beings.

It is common to find “post traumatic stress disorder” in those who have experienced extremely disturbing and painful times in their lives, which can also often be felt within the walls of a certain building, or even just areas of buildings, sometimes just one room or corner.

The great wisdom of Feng Shui has the uncanny ability to detect such forces that are unseen and correct them specifically as needed, so that the energy may respond in a different way, as though it is finally “understood”, and is given what it has needed. It can almost be said that an environment…is a living organism, just as we are as people…and needs to be understood, treated correctly and respected, before it behaves in a productive(cooperative)way.

The traditional art and science of Feng Shui is very precise at knowning exactly what a space needs, as a healer does…the ill. Getting to know a building involves looking into each room and each area and understanding the orientation of design and how it is interacting with the unseen environmental forces of energy and space.

Through such study and analysis, the Feng Shui specialist is then able to steer the energy into it’s natural flowing state of vibrancy and abundance, restoring energy to it’s occupants and enhancing the quality of life as a result of the ripple effect, stimulating each area of life, inspiring natural flow and wellbeing both inwardly and outwardly.

As a breif skimming of the surface of Feng Shui principles, some of the following basic guidelines can provide significant improvements in the Feng Shui & energetic quality of your home.

Clear Clutter

Keep your home free of clutter so as to promote the free flow of energy circulating and uplifting, as opposed to blocking it’s way and creating heaviness. Clutter blocks energy and can contribute to feelings of fatigue and lethargy. Storage areas are big for this, and should therefore be regularly kept in check.

Bedroom Do’s & Don’ts

Keep the area under your bed free clear as subconsiously we are connected to that which is in our environment and objects underneath the bed stimulate the mind, therefor, disturbing sleep. Also look around the room and keep bright, stimulating colours like red to a minimum, as they are yang, while sleeping is yin, and is encouraged by calming tones such as soft stone, off whites and pale colours that are not so bold.

Be sure to have your bed head against a solid wall and note what is on the other side of that wall. An electrical or gas meter can be detrimental to health long term, also impacting on the quality of sleep.

Avoid mirrors and electical objects in the bedroom
, as again these stimulate energy and the bedroom is designed to encourage sleep. Keep furnishings and decor in the bedroom to a minimum so as to avoid crowding the subconscious mind before sleep, and encourage completely “switching off”. Avoid images with activity and movement, as these too will activate energy by our mental association with them and prevent quality rest.

Open Windows

Opening windows daily literally pre-vents stale air from stagnating our own physical health, and the energy of our home. It can be for as little as one hour a day, though this greatly helps enhance the air quality by oxygenating the home,leading to better mental clarity and lung health!


Ensuring there is sufficient light and air throughout the home needs to be balanced with enough “containment” which is provided by walls and furniture to direct energy for the purpose of facilitating relaxation, rejuvenation and rest, which are all equally important, if not more so than having a light, open and airy space. Home is a place where we need to “fuel up” on both our energy and resources…to rest and replenish, so it is important that we do not have an overbearing amount of open space that flood our homes with light and energetic noise.

Open spaces encourage not only the free flow of energy, but without any physical objects and structures (walls and furniture)… the energy has very little to slow it down, which can lead to aggitated and unsettling energy.

We have enough of the open air and natural light outside in our daily lives, so it is more vital than anything to ensure we have both light “and” dark in our homes, to balance our lives. This is the most basic law of Feng Shui, to balance our energy by containing it, and allowing it to settle with softening influences such as restful furnishings and furniture arrangement.

Living spaces also need an area to stop, sit and gather our thoughts and energy, so while we need fresh flow and light for vitality, the most important ingredient of this includes being able to rest and switch off properly so that we may “switch on” properly too.

Feng Shui really is “medicine” for us as enviro-organisms, living off the earth constantly in a state of change from season to season. The foundation upon which this philosophy was built contains wisdom of nature’s cycles and the five elements of life…wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It is the balance and flow of these elements that is applied for health and wellbeing.

To remedy a colder damp environment, we use warmth to balance. To remedy an overheated environment (physically & energetically) we use cooler elements like water. To remedy an unsettling influence, we implement balancing elements such as earth, to slow energy down with it’s weight and calming influence. If there is too much wind (which relates to wood element) we use physical barriers to block and protect such forces.

Like the wind itself, sometimes in Feng Shui we are dealing with the “unseen”, which certainly has powerful influence, that cannot be denied…as like wind, we can see things moving in it’s path…and the force is very real. This is my observation of energy. We cannot see it…but we can “feel” it, and see the impact of it.

Feng Shui is one of the stems of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using effective elements to work with the roots of any presenting ailments and weaknesses. By strengthening our environment/ home, like the body, we are increasing our personal abilities to influence the direction of our lives, with more clarity and stability. Essentially this is the power of Feng Shui.

Much Love,

Leah Jade

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