Full Moon in Pisces, 12th September

This full moon is a big one! Not only is it in the last water sign, symbolic of the highly evolved spiritual realm and maleability, mutability and going with the flow of life…but it is strongly aligned with aspects of the heavens that allow an open door into vivid visions, powerful contemplations and magnetic manifestation fine tuned to our intention.

Coinciding with the powerful alignment between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, this full moon is fully charged with bright lights that lead us toward our powerful core, which awaits our revelation and celebration. This denotes a highly creative time in which we are assisted in spreading our wings at the same time as refine ourselves. A time to let go and open up the pathways to the new. A time to go with the flow of the unfolding journey, to let it be and remember that holding on can block the flow of abundance.

This really is a time during which we must remember that making space for things in our lives, by clearing the way, allows for many possibilities to open up and be seen. We may also need to remember that sometimes the greatest gifts are cleverly disguised as hurdles and trials, that are truly our greatest blessings.

The planetary alignments present now, will lift the veil for us to open our eyes to the great power in transforming our outer reality, lifestyle and environment, to align it on deeper and deeper levels with our inner truth and intentions for our lives. As it is Spring time, it is a perfect time to discard all old overgrowth in our lives, so as to make room for the new and provide light and air to flow through to the undergrowth.

This full moon brings a time in which we can really adjust to our changing surrounds for the better, to solidify our future in the process and power ahead with purpose, direction and energy.

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