Full Moon in Aries

Tonights full moon in Aries brings life force to the fire, with steaming energy for endeavors in the making. This is a moon for self evolution to begin unfolding in new forms, opening the heart to new possibilities and directional opportunities to transform obstacles into fuel for personal acheivement.

The full moon in Aries reveals to us the power in our hands that has the potential to be transformed into anything we wish to create. Stimulating passion and imagination, we can allow this moon phase to mystify our lives and tap into the unseen realm of spiritual extacy, breaking through the boundaries of physical and spacial illusions of distance through time.

Let this moon illuminate the fire within, and propell us forward into the dymensions of self, soul and hidden aspects of ourselves yet to be explored. An adventurous moon, we can now unveil any dormant visions and talents waiting to be revealed and activated, that lie just beneath the surface of our lives.

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