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The magnetic forces of life see to it that energy can frequently repel similar energy while attract the opposite. Positive and negative ions are constantly at play in creating e-mot-ions, which is something that is rarely understood. The “Positive Thinking” title wave in the field of personal growth and spiritual development is the new wave of obsession among the success driven culture, particularly around the “Law of Attraction”.

While we are on the subject of universal laws, I wish to declare first up, that the one inescapable law, is the law of opposites, the law of yin and yang. All Eastern Medicine and philosophy is based upon it, drawing upon thousands of years of observation and ancient wisdom. When talking about the “Law of Attraction”, many people don’t know that we always attract the opposite.

It is the unavoidable magnet that we all carry within, like the compass, this law is the same where ever we go in the world. So let yourself be guided and directed by it! Even as I write this, I will agree that the opposite is also true. How uncanny! We also attract “like”…Yes, birds of a feather fly together. Though you can count on the fact that too much of any (one)thing, becomes unbalanced. And here is where I bring the focus back to universal law, which states that as night becomes day, we can be sure that all extremes, bring their opposite. Having completely “positive” expectations of something, can often let us down, when the realisation arises that there is always hard work – which is what I simply like to call application and dedication…involved in achieving our dreams.

We can easily become delusional with little to challenge us, in such situations where we are surrounded by similarities, developing strengths in areas with supportive environments, while developing great weakness simultaneously. Once again this is to “balance” the natural order of life. What fulfillment is about, through my eyes, is appreciating that the strengths that we have, are a result of our values, while the weaknesses we have, are so obviously lower on our priority list…and for good reason, to us!

Writing my story, through this blog, I’m constantly fed back the notion that my work is quite “motivational” and “positive”, though these concepts, I like to challenge. In fact I disagree! My blog is focused upon attitudes that overcome adversity and converting obstacles into opportunities. I am not one to like using the word “positive”, for many reasons, especially in the promotion of “positive thinking”…as I feel it can become very much a lopsided illusion of “what should be” as opposed being in a state of gratitude for “what is”. I feel this idea comes from the desire within me, not to reject challenging ideas and experiences, so as to consider or label them as “negative” in contrast. It is all relative!

Negative or positive just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one persons sees as negative, the next will see as the opposite. It just depends on who is looking and where they are standing. These things are all about “perspective”. Trying to manipulate and lie to ourselves, forcing “positive thoughts” is rubbish! It’s not natural or real. We have the ability to think “negatively” for a reason.

Certain things can be experienced as negative and not to acknowledge that is to repress our true selves. And watch out, for what we resist, persists! We also attract people into our lives to express that which we repress, so it’s a great reflection that we can observe ourselves honestly through, to study that which we attract. What we see in others, is within us…expressed or not!

Attracting the opposite is a great blessings as much as it is universal law! We have much to learn from the strength of others, that are not our own…like Yin Yang, what one possesses, the other doesn’t, and therefore together, balance is created in fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.

Feeling elated or deflated are signs of imbalance as our e-motions are very specifically…one sided! They are positive or negative (emot) IONS! Swaying from one to the other, we are not centred, but “reactive” to the outer currents, rather than being “creative” as the central force…radiating outwards, expanding out into the making of our lives.

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