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In the recent months I have expereienced significant shifts between the changing chapters of my unfolding life. With the ending of a relationship, I have swum out beyond the shore breaking free from an enclosure that was very much stiffling my personal growth. A step into the unknown has brought me back into a state of mystery that is wonder – full, enchanting and pregnant with possibilities. In walking into the realm of the unknown, I am once again the adventurous explorer, curious and contemplative. The road ahead has suddenly become a blank canvas, upon which I am free to create whatever it is that my heart desires.

In the closure of this recent chapter, I have been blessed with confirmation from spirit, that “yes” I was honouring me…by leaving behind the psychic binding and restraint. Making the choice to leave this relationship was a clear signal I was sending out to the world, that I am committed to everything that I stand for – and If forces surrounding me do not align with such mission, then I shall align myself to prepare for the perfect puzzle pieces to enter my life, which they since have!

Finding myself at a new cycle of life, I feel I have opened the doors to that which my heart has always called for and been provided with a validation of my existence in the platform of sharing myself with the world. With nothing held back, no shame and no blame, I have entered what is seeming like another world, I have only ever dreamed of until now! This portal that I am now in, has been the most beautiful (& most powerful yet) journey of learning to be myself, while owning and loving it! A feeling of physical lightness has swept over my body, telling me that the weight has been lifted…that I can begin to ascend and fly to greater heights…to soar with the eagles and expand my vision.

The lightness in my body, the love in my heart and childlike wonder re-birthing my spirit, have all spoken to me, that this portal is a powerful time of transcendence, like the butterfly leaving the cocoon. Here I stand, above and beyond what I have ever given myself permission for before. From the lesson, I have taken great learning that change will only come when we make the change to create a platform and space for such sacred transitions, after we have truly let go and purified ourselves of psychic ties and binding. So here I stand emerged in spirit…spreading my wings, leaving the portal of deeply moving transformation…inspired by the spirit of expansion!

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