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Reflected in the magnificent human body, the language of universal law and of soul – is expressed through the vehicle we call home… the gateway between our spiritual experience and the outer world. The human body is – the language of the soul, expressing unspoken messages and clearly speaking without even making a sound! What a perfectly designed piece of art the body is…yet we so often unknowingly disregard it’s requests for healing and wellness, bypassing it’s needs by turning the the world of so called medicine. Much of the taught Western Medicine is based upon a system of drug dispensing, pharmaceutical trade funded practice… that promotes lifetime dependence on pre-scripted poisons!

If something is pre-scribed (written prior), it is prepared…which means there was no inquiry into how something came about. Just think about how long it takes a doctor to write a prescription….Not long! After five minutes, much of the time, you will be given a piece of paper to sign that ensures practitioner payment and a script of “drugs”…that suppress what the body is naturally doing as a normal function of healing, discarding of waste and toxins, that we ourselves have exposed ourselves to, eaten or ingested! Symptoms….are: a “sign” of something deeper! They are not the “problem”…they are the gift! Learn to read them, research them and understand…where they came from.

How symptoms manifest is the underlying secret, to knowing where we went wrong. Such symptoms can be an expression of both spiritual and physical needs, that are asking to be met. Symptoms, as with sensations…are the language of the body, as the body is the language of the soul. They point towards something deeper, as the smile signifies fulfillment and joy, a congested chest is a sign of stagnation, breathing lifeless air… and needing to get something off your chest! Reading the signs (symptoms) of the body, is getting to know oneself and being in touch with one’s needs. Taking responsibility for nurturing ourselves is they key to pre-venting dis-ease in all regards, from the choices we make socially, to the foods that we eat and the movement of our bodies. Our body is a beautiful representation of us!

When we look into someone’s eyes, we are reading their soul. Notice that your physical energy is always a direct reflection of your mental and spiritual state? Look to your body to know your mind and soul, there is always a reflection. Symptoms have origins and heal naturally when we understand them. Masking the underlying issues with drugs that are sold to us, rather than supporting the bodily function with healing plant foods that grow in the earth, will only weaken your body. Take these signs (& symptoms) as opportunities to learn and grow in the understanding of the language of the soul.

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