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Across my journey I have unveiled countless methods of healing, in the searching of ways to overcome what I now know…was…myself. I have learned through the digging that I have tirelessly persisted with, that our only obstacles…lie within. Delving deeply into the realm of mind-body medicine I have surfaced with crystal clear certainty that it is possible to create not only healing from our wounds…but natural ecstasy and total liberation. I have found many secrets that are kept within the treasure our our own questioning, that reveal themselves when we truly seek them with all of our heart and soul.

Cutting through the forests of overgrown beliefs around trauma being a prison sentence of psychological ruin, I have come through my own with a different view. I have been able to transform my perspective in the gaining of clarity, that no pain is without gain. There is no darkness without light. It is universal law! To have ingratitude for something is to be stuck on that very paling, caught up in the illusion of defeat. As night becomes day, we cannot pretend that any one thing (event, relationship or trauma, no matter what it is) has only one side. It is a lie!

There is a world of information sharing with us the many tools and methods of healing, in fact libraries containing rainbows that lead to the real pot of gold at the end…and that pot of gold is the truth…it is who we truly are, ourselves! Finding ourselves takes commitment, but it is worth it! It is a constant journey and art that takes ongoing refinement, as we change, renew and unfold ourselves through life. I have read countless books on the art of healing, self development, psychology and more…in fact, I used to wag school just to spend my days in the library “really” learning, what I wanted to learn. This began when I was just fourteen.

I have sifted through thousands of books, taking from each of them, at least one line… if not pages of resonating wisdom that has transformed and broadened my perspective. Each and every one of them in their own way, have inspired within me the certainty that “I am worthy”…worthy in my thoughts, in my feelings and my dreams…that they do exist in others…that they do in fact come true! Reading the stories of others accomplishments has given me the faith that Yes, it’s possible, that It does happen! My strongest recommendation if there would be no other, would be to self educate, in the search for healing. As in discovering the healing journey of others, we unveil our own potential to do so.

Healing pathways surround us constantly, in our choices…in fact, healing is the celebration “of” our choices, in the beauty of the mysteries that we choose to explore. Healing is the realisation of freedom and power…it is the awakening to the force within that generates the creation of our destiny. To find healing is to appreciate our wounds for what they are… openings and gateways to the heart. Wounds, let the light pour in…revealing our inner beauty to the world, which is the most stunning attraction far beyond our surface colours. It is in being wounded, that we can discover the meaning of life and the value of all that we hold dear!

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