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Thursday’s New Moon in Scorpio denotes a huge shift of psychological foundations reflecting an undercurrent of deep uprooting and transformation. If ever there is a moon phase of change, the Scorpio new moon is it. Scorpio is the sign of re-creation, regeneration and renewal, while the new moon is a time in which the lunar clock is reset. Both archetypes represent the roots and past and are also connected to the symbol of birth. Scorpio through it’s nature of re-generation can signify a death of a cycle…the letting go required to rebuild and start anew.

Scorpio is linked to the energy of demolition, which is required to start again, congruently with that which is more aligned and authentic to that which is “now”. This can denote a time of deep transformation from the roots up and out. Connected to power and resources, it is a signal of discovery of what lies beneath the surface, hidden and the darkness. The new moon is a time to go within, meditate and contemplate the journey ahead. It is a powerful time to make your wish list…as the universal energy begins to grow in the waxing moon cycle from this point of the seed of consciousness.

The new moon in Scorpio can be a blissful time in which our truest passions and emotions are stirred…triggering a drive out of the depths of our soul to reconstruct ourselves in the vision we hold of what is possible, what we are called to create. During this moon we are drawn to seek understanding as our natural tendencies to dig up the hidden and uncover the mysteries, are heightened during this phase. We will also be drawn to connect on a very real and pure level with those close, as a way of revealing ourselves and merging with others in a way that we are able to experience true unity and intimacy.

This is an intense new moon that highlights the human existence for the impermanent fragile journey that it is…which can help us to realise how precious and temporary it is, stimulating the fire within that calls us to experience all that we possibly can in this life. Scorpio stimulates the creative life force energy within…which can be developed over the coming month in pursuits and endeavors we embark on in re-creating ourselves… as the Phoenix bird rises from the ashes. This is a time in which we can be reborn and get really clear on who we are today…beyond any restrictions placed in the past, that no longer exist.

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