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Like the wind passing through the trees, we cannot deny the existence of unseen energies. We can clearly see their movement & force in the direction of sway, in the trees and our environment.

Often we go about trying to remedy surface life issues, such as anger, frustration, low vitality and unstable relationships with a great number of tricks, tips and “self improvement” tools. We expend great amounts of precious energy, all the while not being aware that the problem may be much closer to home (so to speak)….this is where Feng Shui comes in.

Such symptoms of various unseen triggers and influences in the home environment, can be both detected & transformed in Feng Shui, where the multitude of various great and wonderful natural healing modalities fail (in the long term). This is because, the actual cause is left untreated and unchanged.

To understand a person, look to their environment. There you will find reflections of their true inherent values. An extension of ones inner reality, ones home & surrounds is as a cocoon to a butterfly, a protective shell that nurtures that which is yet to come into life, fruition and manifest! As our foundation, the home is like a spring board to a diver…a platform from which we reach for our goals.

True Feng Shui acknowledges that all things material (& unseen) have an energetic force, a vibrational quality and a relationship dynamic with the world around them. It acknowledges that every-thing has a particular elemental “quality”, just as we have certain qualities, as people. All things, indeed have a chemical interaction with …that which it comes into contact with.

Everything in this universe falls into a category of one of the 5 elements. They are wood, fire, earth, metal & water. The recent tsunami (water) resulting from the earth quakes (earth) in Japan contributing to nuclear (fire) reaction of a power plant, was a great example of such alchemical interactions.

In the cycle of the five elements, you will learn that the controlling life cycle, in fact can disturb and unsettle the relative element. Feng Shui looks at the “relationship” between all things, and creates “harmony” between them, and there fore us, who are in direct and constant contact with our environment.

Far from the common mis-guided beliefs around Feng Shui being based on Chinese superstition and religion, Feng Shui really is Medicine for the environment that incorporates the balancing of the unique energetic dynamic that each individual building has, and therefore, a wonderful tool in transforming the lives of those choosing to adjust their surrounds, according to these natural principles.

It could be likened to a destiny reading of a building’s impact on the lives of those it houses, according to how the space is utilised, designed, and also with regards to the date of construction- giving it’s “birth chart” in conjunction with it’s exact (compass degree) facing direction. Have you for instance, ever wondered why there are certain properties on the market either for sale or lease at an unusually frequent rate?

Have you ever walked into a space and just felt the tension in the air, or been instantly uplifted and felt calm, relaxed and at ease? This, you see, is something you can not put your finger on. It is energy…and while we cannot see it, we know for sure it is there. Authentic Feng Shui, taps into this energy and a real consultant will know exactly how to alter a space to provide the ultimate potential for harmony and balance, that creates a “feeling” of peace, that is very real and evident in it’s power.

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