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There is a great deal of smoke & mirrors in the very feild of Feng Shui itself, which can get confusing for those seeking to learn the art themselves. Authentic Feng Shui is becoming hard to find among the growing popularity of the subject and it’s charlatans, even thinking themselves to be sincere. Though still, one can be sincerely wrong.

There is one fundamental rule in Feng Shui in regards to mirrors. And this one has no exceptions.

Do not have a mirror in your bedroom.

When sleeping, the soul is said to leave the body for total relaxation & physical rejuvenation. The reflection in the mirror is said to scare the soul back into the body, which prevents us from having the peaceful sleep that we need.

Now that is one reason. For the more skeptical, the very fact that mirrors expand energy, and by that I mean, double the size of a room by “sense”…hence the very notion, “Smoke & Mirrors” …their tricks work!! Though something is not there, Mirrors give you the very real “feeling” that they are! And the saying “Mind over Matter, comes to mind here (pardon the pun).

So just understand that mirrors are powerful, and both “activate & stimulate” energy. Given this, we do not want them in our bedroom. I know what you’re thinking, “What about my love life?” No…this type of thinking is wrong. Why? Read on…

Relationships, romantic or platonic…Need stability! It is a basic principle in Feng Shui, regarding “Human Fortune” that we require “security” for wellbeing. And who can deny this. Any further clarification needed on this, I welcome open questions.

I recently had the question (you may have seen posted)…”Should you have a mirror opposite a door?”

My reply to this was: “This always depends… There are not too many blanket rules in Feng Shui as such, apart from good form school outlined in a previous post (Regarding the Perfect Arrangement). It always depends on the energy present in the sector, as revealed in the Flying Star chart.

This is a map of energies present in each of the areas of the home (building). This is calculated using a specific formula, that follows the flow of energy & DNA, to give some background. To form this chart we need the year of the building’s construction, to give us the Feng Shui Age of the building. For example, we are currently in the age cycle of 8. These ages last for 20 years. The age of 8 began in February 2004 – ending in 2024.

We also need the exact facing direction of the building, which is taken with a Lo Pan (Chinese Feng Shui compass). You will see a Lo Pan in one of the images of the “Understand Feng Shui” photo album on the “Feng Shui Melbourne page:”

As outlined above, the one blanket rule that does not have exceptions, is in the bedroom. The bedroom is one of if not The Most important aspect considered in Feng Shui. Why? Think about how much time we spend sleeping each night. 8 hours a night, 7 nights a week, 52 weeks a year, lets average 85 years in a lifetime (at least in my eyes). How many hours is that…247,520! That’s how many. It’s a lot of time in one space. Don’t you think it should have good energy?

Mirrors are yang, sleeping is yin. If we don’t get enough rest, firstly our kidneys will weaken, stress will increase and high blood pressure is likely for a start. Kidneys are the water element which control the fire element, hence, weak kidneys, out of control fire element (high blood pressure/ yang)! Think about that.

The purpose of a mirror in Feng Shui, is to make a space feel bigger, to open up an enclosed area. This is appropriate in some scenarios where there is a small and seemingly crowded space that has a dormant auspicious “energy” present. A mirror in such instances, provides stimulation and activation, to help tap into this energy available, that in a small space can get trapped and remain stagnant.

A small area without auspicious energy, is already self remedied, in being contained. Stimulating certain inauspicious influences can lead to negative influences being activated such as arguments and general misfortune as a couple of examples. This is why mirrors are so powerful in the art of Feng Shui!

If we dont get enough, sufficient or proper rest at night, we don’t perform in the day (yang). It’s so simple and it’s universal law. This is why I love Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology so much. That though is for another story. For now, we shall discuss mirrors.

I do not know which book this rule, “Mirrors should be placed opposite a door” came from or who wrote it, though I have a feeling I might know, though I’m not out to name anyone, as it’s not good for the industry. Nor is their rubbish, but I’m not here to discredit.

Mirrors are stratgically placed in Feng Shui, to enhance and expand on the prosperous influences and areas (where there are good waters stars). This is for the purposes of activating energy and stimulating the influence in a room, only if it is a positive one. And the flying star chart reveals this, which a consultant calculates and interprets. This is what advice & recommendations are based on.

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