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The music of life is a state of flow that we are all naturally born to experience, in and out of the multidimensional cycles that are our very evolution. The epidemic of drug addiction facing our human race is a clear reflection of the chase for this very experience of vibrational ecstasy. We are born to live this, be this and share this constant love for existence, life, living and humanity.

Tapping into the natural ecstasy and spiritual heroin is a soul food source that is unleashed the moment we become present to the beauty of life…and existence. Being present is the conscious dance with energy in a moment. Presence is the being with…whatever it is. It is a state of freedom from all else, an enveloping, immersion and surrendering to the full experience of that feeling state we open our hearts to.

The experience of natural ecstasy is the authentic state of being completely one self, merging with the outer world, opening the doors to the truth that all we have is freedom…and nothing else. All else, but freedom and love, are illusions designed to confuse…and send us into a tail spin to direct us back to the feeling of truth, which is us…which is spirit…in the moment, choosing the imaginations of being in the feeling space of our heart space – the seat of consciousness.

Natural order is a simple attainment of being ourselves and nothing more or less. Dancing with the flow, speaking our truth and liberating ourselves from fear of judgment, in our hearts… being truth, standing in our mission and dedicating our lives to the state of authenticity. In breaking the shackles of outer forces and imposed judgments, we are free to be ourselves, in choice, which is the very gateway to natural and pure ecstasy…which is to truly live!

Sharing ourselves and our hearts in an open platform of honesty is the most beautiful and stunning feeling of all, rewarding us with a reflection that confirms our rightful place in being nothing else but ourselves, without holding anything back. Cut to the core, get straight to the heart, and right there you will find your essence…a state of natural ecstasy. That feeling is who you really are. It is your birth right.

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