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On the 11th of November today in 2011, we have a strong energetic influence of germination as the full moon brings life force with Taurus bringing the non-manifest, into existence. With the numerological alignment of the 1 energy, this day brings forth new life, fresh beginnings and the birth of possibilities opening doorways to realms beyond previously experienced and contemplated.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the Zodiac, giving it it’s very well known strength, stability and physical presence. Today as the moon is in full reflection of the sun, we see a light open our eyes to that which has yet to be brought into the physical from the spiritual. From this point we are propelled forward to really begin bringing our dreams into reality.

Being in an earth sign, this full moon encourages us to take inspiration from mother nature, to immerse ourselves in her nurturing energy and soak up the beauty of our surrounds. Now…is all about going with the flow…letting the force of nature and life around us, take us on an adventure of discovery…to be absorbed by the waters and currents that have certainty beyond our own.

Presently we also have a beautiful and rare alignment between Mars, late in Leo, Jupiter early in Taurus and Pluto at the beginning of Capricorn. These 3 planets bring a fire work type of energy to the mix, that signifies a clearing that allows great developments to form from passion, purpose and drive. Now can be a time of great refinement of direction, aligning the sails and heading out into the promise of the destined unknown.

With Mars in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius, we are given a beautifully mystical influence, steaming our boats along the new waves of life force, propelling us into the birth of something fruitful to come. In the phase of germination, we are now in a powerful full moon energy of breaking new ground, being deeply moved on a soul level and discovering ourselves in new light.

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