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The skilled Feng Shui master will have not only the highly regarded ability to accurately construct, interpret and balance a “Flying Star chart”, but also to assess the relationship between the elements found within a space. Looking at elements alone, the Feng Shui artist will see the energetic dynamic influencing the occupants of a space.

An imbalance of elements where there is a strong presence of a dominating element, will give rise to the energy of such element within the lives of those living within the space. You will notice in this image there is a black background. Black in Feng Shui relates to the water element. The natural flow from the water element in nature, is to wood, as winter is to Spring.

The stem of the flower you see, is the wood element, while the flower becomes the fire element, full of colour, in the full expression of life, beauty and expansion. Wood burns into fire, creating a natural flow…while as the flower descends and withers, in it’s life cycle, it shall return back to it’s mother earth, just as fire burns to ashes.

Reflecting the natural flow of life within our surroundings, can teach us on an energetic level, to understand nature, life and order…to know the secrets of balance and flow (which is life). Dominant elements can overpower those less present within our physical space. While earth is an element that can ground us wonderfully, too much can make us feel heavy and tired.

Wood element within an environment can be uplifting and inspiring like the forest, while too much can lead to agitation and over stimulation (of upward rising energy). Water has the power to make us feel cleansed and renewed, while too much can make us feel stagnant or washed out. Metal is an element that helps us feel “tuned in”, calm and focused while an excess of it can leave us feeling cold and edgy.

Look to your space for clues to why you may feel imbalanced. This observation alone can lead to the realisation that our environment does in fact impact us, through it’s energetic influence and physical dynamic (the relationship between the elements). Look to create flow in your space, where you feel imbalanced.

Flow is the very nature of life itself. Movement is life, while stagnation leads to decay. Keep the life cycle of elements flowing and your energy will be enhanced. See the reflection between the two. Our surroundings are a mirror of our energy and wellbeing.

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