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It is the human condition to experience the full rainbow of challenges to endure on the journey of living. To shine brightly is to have first been burned and ignited by spirit… as the more we feel, the more we are able to heal. We cannot heal ourselves without being an inspiration and guiding light for others…in leading the way to recovery – in all realms, from mental balance to spiritual and physical wellbeing.

It is when we are wounded… that an opening is born where we have been torn. Our heart is then opened to the world, if not in reaching out for support or going within to renew oneself, then by showing our vulnerability and being an example of human fragility that is delicate, raw and admirable. The state of surrender, is a quality of strength and a demonstration of wisdom.

To have been hurt, experienced hardships and awakenings of a deeply transforming and unsettling nature is to be stirred from within, to be moved and inspired to realign ourselves with the forces of nature so as to be restored and empowered. Each experience of suffering is a gateway to learning and evolving into a brighter being…as when the lights outside go out, we have no choice but to find our own way and go within.

In being wounded, we are shown how to find our own way, retreating from the outer world of uncertainty and leading our own way from the heart space of discovery. Without suffering, the human spirit would be without self definition, distracted by the outer influences, opinions and voices that lead us away from clarity. Our greatest power is found within, in learning to listen to the inner voice, over that of any external view. To learn the art of self leadership is to begin to master your life.

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