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Alongside the power of prayer, I have found the force of love to be the greatest I’ve ever known in melting the mind so that a higher consciousness may flow freely. Love is the portal we emerge from before the blessing of a breakthrough may take us beyond the boundaries of the wounded state. With the power of love our focus is brought to a sacred realm where barriers are dissolved in an instant.

In opening the heart to surpass any hurts endured, we can return to a place of seeing the balance and perfection of all that is. Love takes our vision beyond the perceived “wrong” doing so that it may not cloud the “good”ness, the purity and purpose of every word, sharing or experience gone by. Today I experienced a personal breakthrough, attaining something I had yearned for, over much of my growing journey. Standing in a new found heart space of constant flowing love, my focus brought me to a new found ability.

Stepping outside my thought field, I ascended my own previously held fixation on a fact, that got in the way of dissolving pain from the perception of injustice inflicted. Bypassing the mind, I stepped into my heart…feeling finally that what blocked my freedom once before, became suddenly transformed, instantly dissolved and removed from my path. While I am grateful for my ability and willingness to allow the feeling of righteousness to simply be released and set free, I feel it was a process required to step through to the next level.

I feel that love requires us to set ourselves free from the ego only once it has been explored and understood. Surrendering to the desire to open the feeling behind my own inner barriers of illusion, I have come to see that the power of love is greater than any other, in transforming obstacles and attaining freedom. My understanding has reached even higher levels through the opening of my own heart, allowing more space for others and compassion for “loved ones”.

I have witnessed love, time and time again, teach the art of letting go and moving beyond the limits of all ego, hurt, resentment and illusion. I believe it is the greatest force in the universe that opens the golden gateway to healing and freedom. Making space for energy to flow and to grow, to let go and love, I feel…is to discover what it is to find true inner peace and fulfillment. Open your heart to love, bypass your mind and you will find completion.

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