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What a month of transformation! Sagittarius is the sign of growth, on the largest of scales and represents expansion of the mind and spirit, with the Archer symbolizing reaching both great height and distance, if not of the body…then in the exploration of soul. Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs, with the power (like the horse and the arrow of the centaur) to go the distance and reach well beyond the sphere of the known.

With the New Moon and partial Solar eclipse occurring today, early in the sign of Sagittarius, we can see that we have significantly heightened abilities to expand the mind-body-spirit experience beyond any boundary or previously perceived barriers or imagined structures in the way. An eclipse of the sun signifies great changes and closure, leaving behind all that is not required to move forward, especially now in Sagittarius, the sign most well known for it’s vision for moving onward and upwards.

Through this sun moon alignment now, we have a strengthened ability to open our minds to greater truths and grow in our understanding of concepts, philosophies and ideas that are abstract and of deep wisdom…as Sagittarius is also one of the “Truth seeker” signs…standing for justice and higher knowing. Let this new moon and partial solar eclipse wash away any old, previously held illusions around limitations, and begin playing with what’s possible now…in letting go of the restraints of the mind!

With Mercury heading retrograde as of yesterday (seemingly travelling backwards), we may begin noticing more challenges arising with communications and electrical equipment of various kinds. Mercury retrograde is a time to retreat from pursuing expression externally, as communications start slowing down to urge us backwards into the cave of self reflection. If we come up against such issues, we can take this as a sign that it may be time to take more in, rather than exerting ourselves and giving energy “away” so much.

Mercury retrograde often urges us to go within and take time to study both ourselves and the world around us, reflecting and extracting the essence and lessons of experiences or events gone by. From this we may better move forward with a renewed sense of self and understanding of the world and our interactions with it…so as to refine our way and better direct our energies for the good of both ourselves and the world around us. May you take from these coming few weeks, the beauty of a deeper level of self awareness and refinement that takes you well beyond any boundaries on the way towards achieving your dreams!

With Love.

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