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One thing that has pulled me through more challenging times of my journey, has been the knowing that “I choose my life”, no matter what state it is in, for reasons that serve me always…in their higher purpose. If there have been aspects that were ever more challenging, I would simply remember that it is all part of attaining something greater, sacrificing the good…for great!

It’s not where we are that counts most, but the direction we are heading in that we can be inspired by, encouraged to move towards, and away from what could otherwise hold us back. If ever I have found myself focusing upon that which I did not want in my life, I stopped myself and redirected my thoughts, so as to focus on creating a different reality, rather than complain and give power (energy) to that which I did not wish for.

I’ve found that my life has been a lot like a card game… Choosing the cards has not always been possible, but playing well with the cards in hand has been the very thing that has determined my unfolding destiny. One of the most empowering realisations I have made, is that personal achievement comes as a result of seeing that it is not how life treats us that matters, but how “we” treat life.

When so often perceived “crappy” things happen to people, the very idea that such experiences are without purpose, leads to missing out on seeing the great compost that it is. I look at the lives of those without such “crap”, who have had many perceived great blessings in their lives, and I think, that they actually are missing out on some great opportunities to grow and develop inner wealth, as a result of having little awareness as to the “value” of what they have.

Not knowing the absence of something in life, I feel…can be really unfortunate…as all things are impermanent, and not to see and appreciate things for what they are at the time, can lead to regret, later. Sometimes we must see that in order to become free like the butterfly, we must first live within the darkness of the cocoon.

Most people don’t understand the value of the cocoon as being a portal for the freedom which comes as a reward for overcoming great adversities and enduring a little restriction along the way. Great things come at a cost…and to remember this, is to be reminded of the fact that any time you feel “lack”, anywhere in your life, is to see simultaneously, that there are riches in the making. It may not be in that aspect of life, but in one aspect, be it spiritual, physical, mental, social, vocational or familial…there will be wealth and health!

No one would have believed the catapillar if he told them he was going to fly one day…they would have thought him crazy. But this is what the symbolism of the butterfly represents. It is one of faith and possibilities, that reminds us that it pays to surrender to change, no matter how hard it may be.

Growing up in the welfare system… it would be easy to say I had a shaky start to life, though in looking closely, I have found that it was the very thing that contributed greatly to a very rich journey of learning, discovery and awakening. Sailing through many a storm, often seemingly without an anchor or silver lining in sight, I have learned, that there is always a mountain peak, resting just above the darkest gray clouds. It was through such seas, that I learned to navigate and find my way… which over time, grew to be my greatest asset.

Though some things may start out seeming dark, like muddy roots of the Lotus Flower, there is usually a purpose to the growing pains…that have great potential to unfold into beautiful works of nature. Everything happens for a reason, every stage and every season! Sometimes we must accept a certain chapter as an essential part of life, to help us understand the rest of the story.

I have come to realise that it is not so much the life that we experience, but the experience we bring to life, that really counts….and it is through our ability to look beyond our circumstances and perceive something greater, that we are able to do this in a powerful and meaningful way.

No matter where we stand in life, at any point, there is one thing certain and that is, that we must not take people’s word when it comes to the limits of our own potential. We must not let people’s ideas of how big we are, who we are, or what is possible for us… from their outer view, determine our inner vision, for where we see ourselves heading. The most powerful thing we can ever do, is be ourselves, for those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, wont mind.

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