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I like to see the hurdles in life, as the things that make us see how high we can really go, when pushed…and given a reason, to reveal to us our potential. Like the bumps on the edge of the freeway, they are there as warning signs, to wake us up! They are blessings…there to point us in a new direction, so we can refocus our attention and align ourselves for the road ahead.

We have great power in our hands to steer the course of our lives. All we need to do is listen to our inner voice, and be guided by it. What can you celebrate? What greatness have you found, attained, become, overcome or witnessed? Reflect on that! It will always pull you through those tougher moments. Throughout my life, since being a child, I have always kept a journal, which taught me the power of focus and gratitude.

It has mirrored, that my state of mind and attitude of gratitude, has always determined the outcomes I have attained, and been a reflection of what was to come. Focus is a powerful thing, and while we may wish to pull weeds and clear away those thing we do not wish for…I believe we really need to be planting seeds, thinking about that which we “do” wish to create and what we are thankful for.

It is the fertiliser that comes our way, that gives us the very potent potential to grow and develop in many ways. Focusing on what is missing in life can cause you to miss what is there. Attitude is a small thing with a big difference. Like the wind, we cannot see…though its sway and power is witnessed in everything it moves.

‚ÄéRegardless what happens in our world, we have the capacity to remain centred inwardly. What determines our destiny is how we perceive and view our outer reality, and act upon it. The challenges and perceived “losses” of life, are not what count in the end…it is what we make of them. I have grown to see the wounds that we endure, are our greatest gifts, opening us up to the light that exists, breaking us down to learn how to rebuild ourselves and realise what’s important!

It is our attitudes that count the most. Our determination and vision makes us who we are… and where we come from is nothing in comparison to where we are going and what we do with what we’ve been shown.

Inside my heart, lies a deep sense of thankfulness for the many moons I have seen and the different places that I’ve been. Each hardship and hurdle that’s made me fall, Id’e do it again I would do it all. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned, and the joy that I feel that I know I have earned.

Many people don’t learn until much later in life through personal trial and error, though I was blessed to watch a great deal unfold around me, in the choices of others. What i have seen and where i have been has provided me with a great level of awakening in life, as it was in falling, that I discovered my wings.

And who knows, maybe the safe life beneath the shelter would have been a trade off for them. But I wouldn’t give them back, for anything. To live a sheltered life, to me…would be such a shame, to miss out on all that sun shine. For the life that I have been blessed to experience… after the parting of the clouds and goodbyes of many kinds, my heart opens like a flower to the sun for the new life begun.

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