Full Moon in Gemini & Total Lunar Eclipse December 11th

The Gemini Full moon asks us to look at the power we hold within our hands. The sign of the twins, in the full moon light we are able to look into the mirror and see our reflection staring back at us…and in doing so, experience true intimacy (into-me-i-see). The total lunar eclipse is a closing of a chapter in our lives begun long ago. It is the setting free of old ties and knots, that once held us restrained.

Releasing emotional stagnation and restoring balance, this lunar eclipse brings great possibility for healing and change. All eclipse cycles bring deep transformation and awakening… stirring the pot to surface the hidden treasures and untapped potential.

We are at the end of one cycle, free to explore uncharted territory. Gemini is the “Mind-Sign”, activating our left and right brain pathways of communication, balancing the yin and the yang… of simplicity and complexity. Like the mind and the universe…We are both! This eclipse moon is the light and dark that enhances the knowing that all is complete, ever changing adjusting and neutralising, in nature…as summer falls to autumn, restoring in winter and rebirthing in spring.

As much as we need our mind, this eclipse is highlighting the need also to release the mind, so as to obtain it once more, renewed, empty and open…to learning, experiencing and allowing. This is the perfect moon to teach us to FEEL, sense and be…so as to allow the mind the space it needs to breathe, as Gemini is, after all an Air sign, associated with the lungs and chest. Let us now, open all doors and windows to the new energy circulating our life force…our Universe.

A significant and powerful full moon, being aligned with the South node…we shall see deep unfolding emotional healing. The South node is a heavenly energy, signifying the past, our foundations and where we have come from…similar to the energy of the moon…representing a truly harmonious dynamic. Take this to represent a truly profound lunar transit of internal shifting, activation and experience.

Intensely aligned with the planet Mars, this full moon eclipse shall push us forward with power, through a natural transition of self and universal exploration…on a journey toward becoming and defining our true essence. Such significant changes will always bring growing pains, just as the butterfly must struggle out of it’s cocoon.

Overwhelm and confusion can be the fog and dust that clouds our vision in this process. Though we must remember, that this shall settle…and when it does, our clarity will be greater than ever before. So to heighten your energetic vibration and clarity this full moon, light a candle, say a prayer and give a moment of thanks…for what you are grateful for, if only your dreams and hopes…for they too bring joy to your life. Centre your self and enter your hearts space. There you will find the answers you need.

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