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My journey has been one hell of a roller coaster, with great highs and low lows. The swinging pendulum has been the greatest discovery of both darkness and light…but beyond this, I have learned to centre the chime with the power of my mind.

My greatest accomplishment has been finding the place within…where there is no judgment, only contemplation of significance, purpose and meaning. To question my experience of life has been my most prominent blessing in uncovering the simple treasures, awaiting my discovery.

Mental mastery and emotional freedom have been my secret gardens of oasis and ecstasy, teaching me of the places within where the gold is found. Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper, where the darkness of your mind takes you. Questions are born there, where answers shall follow.

I have many times been in doubt, yet through such investigations within, I have uncovered magic of mystery and purpose in pain…that ultimately dissolves all hurt in an instant. Face your darkness, go into the cave. There you will find stillness, quiet and the certainty of all that matters.

Be not afraid to face your uncertainty, for it is there you find wisdom…in becoming familiar with the space of the mind. Let the need go to have all of the words. Let go of the need to explain and embrace the unknown, for it is the essence of who you are. You are your experience.

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