New Moon in Capricorn

The New moon in Capricorn pushes us to study our purpose here in this physical blessing… of human existence and power. Bringing our focus to that which brings us the most rewards, with emptiness full of possibility, this new moon on Christmas is a significant time of contemplation…full of emptiness, that awaits our direction. Like a vase, empty, yet to be filled with our creative art…we are now faced with stillness, that opens it’s doors to our say so.

Capricorn is the sign of direction and career, mission of purpose…indicating a time of great deliberation, relative to our futures…open and blank, waiting for our colour, from the vision within, that we are yet to communicate with the world. We are now at a meaningful Christmas, more than ever before, of re-creating ourselves, according to the dreams we hold right now, in this moment of perception, fresh and enlightened, to that which really matters.

Time is becoming less and less of a priority and concern as we realise the power of transformation – how instantly it can take place as a result of our changing views. The new moon in Capricorn blesses us with the awakening of the power that we have within, to be a unique individual of purpose and talent. This is the time to share with the world, our very independent ideas and feelings around becoming that which is authentically our true calling.

Let this Christmas new moon reveal to the world our real congruent selves, that have every intention of becoming manifest and concrete, in pushing through the illusions of the past, to break through the barriers of previous known reality. Reach for the stars and be yourself, with no lies in between. May this new Christmas New Moon be your declaration to the world of who you are, and what you are destined to bring to the world! With Love and inspiration – Leah Jade

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