The Year of the Water Dragon 2012

What does this mean for you? What does it mean for the globe?

Signifying a time a great change, water brings movement to the earth by unsettling the foundations. There will be little stagnation this year! It’s time to get moving and start strengthening our own foundations to maintain balance this year. Health becomes a vital point of focus in 2012, as we will also see a bigger boom in the health industry than ever, which is easily foreseeable – though also written in the stars (with the earth element ruling “health”).

What will these changes bring you?

Did you know…you are not your “year” animal? Your self sign, or “element” – is in fact – “you”, in your Chinese Astrology chart. Most people don’t know that we are in fact our “day” sign. This is different every year. I’m not talking of Monday, Tuesday…here. Every day the animal and element changes, with twelve animals and five elements, with a yin and a yang of each – we have ten elements, times twelve animals which gives us 120 combinations of self signs.

This below is what a Chinese Astrology chart looks like, which is also called “The Four Pillars of Destiny” – derived from the four details of birth (the year, month, day and hour):


See how it is a lot deeper than most realise? We are not just our year animal, in fact we are the day, as mentioned above. The year animal of birth represents our foundations of early life. When we begin to look at the month, day and hour of birth…we go far deeper into the energy dynamics of the individual. That’s where we get the really accurate information. So, below, I write for the “self element”, which is derived from the day of birth.

Drop me a line at to find out your self element if you are not sure and have not had your Four Pillars of Destiny read before. You may also wish to have a skype reading or written report for the New Year – for more in depth foresight into what’s possible for you in 2012…though below, I have outlined the general significance of the year ahead for each of the elements of Chinese Astrology, as well as the 12 Zodiac signs of the West.

Overview for the year ahead in 2012…for each of the “Self Elements”

Water Element

Pressure can come as a result of poor planning this year. You could on the other hand attract new responsibilities at work or a new level of commitment in an existing relationship, otherwise, you can expect to meet someone new. You will have plenty of friends around to support you this year so make the most of the potential to rise to new levels of achievement.

Wood Element

Wood people can expect to have a busy year ahead in business or at work. You have the right resources this year to get creative and achieve great results. Keeping busy can be exhausting so be sure to set some time aside to rest and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. You have the foundations to make a real impact this year in your endeavors so utilise the tools you have and you will prosper.

Fire Element

Fire people will be popular this year, in demand and under the fire, so to speak. You will have plenty of attention and focus on you this year, so be sure to direct your own energy well, by taking care of number one. You have the potential to burn the candle at both ends this year especially, so watch the you don’t give too much of yourself – rather try to restore your energy as much as you can by taking time out.

Earth Element

This year is results time for you. Be sure to keep the ball rolling, otherwise you can begin to feel stuck. The Dragon is an earth animal, so too much earth can mean lethargy, making you feel heavy and uninspired. Generate energy by doing small things and taking one step at a time so as not to become overwhelmed. Friends will be there for you, even though you may not realise, so when you need help, just ask.

Metal Element

Metal people will shine this year. Speak up and be recognised as this is your creative year. It’s time to use your talents and skill to get results. You have done a lot of hard work over the last number of years and now is the time to be rewarded. It’s time to reap what you have sewn, so get out there and claim what is yours. You may feel itchy feet, so start looking at ways to get creative and make those changes you have long been craving.

Western Zodiac Signs…


Aries people will have their focus on the financial aspect of life. This year is a growth year in terms of money, stability and foundations for you. You are gearing up to get everything in order so that you can live more comfortably this year. Prepare yourself for more solid commitments with regard to relationships. They will take a little more focus and attention this year, but the results long term will be worthwhile.


You are due to receive recognition and rewards this year, with Jupiter in your sign. Your ship has come in and it is now time to relax a little more and enjoy the comfort of that which you have created for yourself. It is a big year of expansion, growth and possibly travel for you, so start planning trips that you have been wanting to take, as it may be time to get away and branch out.


This year more than most, you may feel the itch to get moving and make some long desired changes. You can become unsettled and bored if you sit still too long so it may be the year to look at your longer term goals for change, and adjust your sails to a new direction. You feel your may be giving too much of your energy away and may need to therefore step back and remove yourself from situations that demand high amounts of your energy, to feel balanced again.


Challenges are easing off this year so that your focus may once again return to building the life that you dream of so dearly. This year is all about putting things in place so that seeds are sewn for future benefit and comfort. You are determined to conserve your energy now so as to gain stability in areas of life that matter most to you. This year may prove to be socially demanding, though you will need to balance your calendar so as to keep on track with your goals.


Leos are career focused this year, growing to accept new levels of commitment and responsibility that are more aligned with current aspirations. Leo’s will feel big changes coming as adjustments will be required to keep up with their high ambitions and constantly growing dreams. Your challenge will be to direct your energy in one place so as to attain the outcomes that you deserve. Your previous hard work will begin to pay off in the career arena this year.


A high energy year of growth and expansion this year, Virgo’s will meet plenty of new friends and make connections in places that are unexpected. Your wisdom will shine this year as people will begin to recognise your valuable insight into matters of concern. You have an uncanny eye for detail which will be much appreciated this year, so put your talents out there for people to see.


Librans have a lot of work to do this year and are in high demand. You feel a strong sense of duty and purpose and will learn a lot from the lessons you face and come through this year. Your strength will be key in seeing the purpose and point of the required adjustments needing to be made. People will respect you for the actions you take this year as the results will be well worth the effort. Your only challenge will be in making the choices that may seem difficult at the time.


Scorpios feel at home this year, shining brightly for other’s to see. You will attract plenty of attention from potential partners or will take your love life to a new level this year. Relationships will prove a valuable part of your life this year as Jupiter transits your opposite sign. A highly social year, you may feel a little burned out at times…and need to switch off in order to renew your energy for your own wellbeing.


Sagittarius will be focused on their work this year, which will bring them great fulfillment and rewards. Friendships may bring some challenges, though these will not come without great learning. Sagittarians will be in their element this year at work and will find plenty of support and recognition for their past efforts. Refining your lifestyle may be the only challenge this year, as you may find excessive behaviors need to be curbed.


Capricorns will love this years fun and play. You may feel it’s about time…and it is! You guys work hard at it generally speaking…so a little loosening up is just what you need. You will have plenty of social interests and friends on the scene to help you let go and enjoy yourself, so forget about working so hard and start putting some balance back into your life. Don’t let opportunities be missed as you have the blessing now of being able to live a little more and reap the rewards of what you have built.


Aquarians get serious about life this year and are more determined than ever to make it happen! It’s the year of refinement, focus and commitment for the water bearers, who see great need for changes on the larger scale. You have your work cut our for you this year and feel purposeful tackling important issues close to your heart. Don’t worry…all your efforts will definately pay off. They always do.


Pisceans are Peacefully in their element this year, with Chiron in their sign. Chiron is an asteroid and symbolises healing. Pisceans are the healers of the zodiac so will be bust doing their thing this year at Neptune also returns home to it’s native sign for the first time in 164 years! This year, Pisceans will truly be a fish in water…dreaming up a storm and getting creative in their expression. Enjoy a year of fluidity and change this year Pisces.

Being a Leo born on a Yin wood day, I personally have plenty in store this year and am personally eager to take on the challenges of stepping up to the plate in 2012. Having just finished writing my first book “The Sacred Psychology of Healing”, soon to be released, and working on a number of other projects close to my heart…I feel it is certainly going to be a huge year! To find out more and to keep up to date, please visit my facebook fan page – , my blog: or website

With Blessings,

Leah Jade

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