What you need for a Feng Shui reading…

The first rule of traditional Feng Shui is that it must be accurate, with the energy analysis derived from the facing direction degree of the compass. What a professional (trained and qualified) Consultant will use to determine the exact facing direction of building firstly, is a Chinese Feng Shui compass. This is called a Lo Pan compass.

The second rule when choosing a Feng Shui Consultant is that they are trained and skilled in “Flying Star Feng Shui”, the most complex and authentic, advanced system and method of Feng Shui and the analysis of the influence of our environment and energies contained within our environment. A Flying Star Feng Shui practitioner will also need to understand the flow of energy and how to determine the “real” facing direction of a building, which can sometimes be deceiving.

Is the front entrance of your house located on the side of the property…and does this influence the facing direction of the building? There are different schools of thought on this, depending upon who you ask. To me, there are always factors that will give the facing direction away, such as orientation and other obvious influences within the surrounding space of a building, including it’s own internal structural design.

The front door of a property is one importance thing to consider when determining the facing direction of a building, though it does not always rule out other factors. In certain cases, there can be an alternative direction, depending on circumstances such as building design and literal “facing direction”, including land forms surrounding a building which can direct the energy in and towards the building in a certain way.

The next important factor needed for a Feng Shui consultation to take place… is the year of construction and hopefully the date, especially when the year falls on a changing of cycles (early in 2004 for instance) when we transit from one energetic cycle into another. We call these cycles, Feng Shui ages and they last for 20 years. At the moment we are mid way through the age of 8. The 9 numbers each relate to an Astrological energy/ influence.

This is why 8 is seen as such a lucky and auspicious influence presently, especially from the Chinese’ perspective. 8 is an energy that relates to great transformation, in Feng Shui. Which is what we are now facing on planet earth – which also governs the number 8. 8 is an earth energy, so relates to fertility, humanity, health (nutrition and sustenance/ longevity) and also earth issues such as sustainability – which is what we are now so strongly focused upon.

From here, with the exact facing direction – to the degree on the compass, and the year of construction (birth date of the building)… we will need the floor plan of the building.

The floor plan is vital to determine where each energetic influence is in power, resulting in certain life force energies impacting on the life quality of the occupants. We can determine from this, where certain energies are being activated or left dormant to stagnate, and the professional Feng Shui consultant will then translate the positives and negatives of such dynamics.

At times, we may need to activate certain auspicious influences that are left stagnating, and not reaching their full potential to enhance the energy in our lives. Each of these energies will relate to different aspects of life also. 1 relates to career and academic achievement for instance, just to begin with on a surface level. Then each of these energies (flying stars) relate to an element, which can be supported and enhanced by elements within our environment – deliberately to enhance the energy around us.

The energy of 1, relates to the water element for instance.The water element is supported and strengthened by the metal element in Feng Shui. You will also find this with Traditional Chinese Medicine. The five elements are an integral part of Feng Shui, being the tools with which we are able to transform the energy within a space. We can use the five elements to enhance an energy, or to negate negative influences that are less positive and in need of taming and neutralising.

Look at the diagram here to see how the 5 elements interact and how they govern certain aspects of health. Fire for instance governs the heart, brain and nervous system. In Feng Shui, too much fire element can upset the metal element – energetically melting and wearing down structure. This can take on the effect of creating a feeling of unsettling disturbances and can be seen in the lives of those who have dominating fire element in the wrong places in their homes.

Placed correctly, fire element such as red colour or candles, can attract strong love bonds and romance, artistic creativity and success. So what we really look at in a Feng Shui reading or consult, is the balance and placement of the elements throughout the home or space. From here we can see the reflection such dynamics have with regards to the lives of those who occupy the space.

Each of the five elements are strengthened within our body with different foods, with green leafy vegetables strengthening the wood and fire element for example. This is the same as the wood element strengthening the energy and presence of wood influence in the home. Strengthening the wood element can be as simple as placing a few plants in the area that needs it in the home. Wood can also be used to weaken or balance and neutralise the metal and water elements, when they are negative influences in the home.

Negative metal influences are known to bring challenges in the area of law and authority as well as the lungs, in Feng Shui…so balancing the energy of an active flying star number 6 influence (which stimulates this energy) means usings the water element with the colour black, and the woods element with either wooden furniture, plants or the colour green. In other cases,we may want to weaken the wood element in areas that have a negative wood influence.

To balance this energy, we need to use the fire and earth elements. This can be as simple as using a dish with pebbles and a candle as a lovely decoration piece on a coffee table. So we can begin to see how Feng Shui is a balancing act which takes a skilled practitioner to point our exactly what is needed. Far from the do it yourself love, wealth and health corner that many perceive it to be.

Feng Shui has been largely taken over by charlatans that think they have been taught the real deal. All the while they are merely practicing placebo style symbolic affirmations. So next time you consider using Feng Shui…know that these are the things you might want to think about. Until next post, be well.

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  1. Angel Blessings
    Angel Blessings says:

    Currently my homes faces direct West, my master bedroom is in the East, my home office is in the North and I have a large pond with assorted gold fish in it in the South. How does it affect our lives this Dragon year?
    My husband has been very sick in recent years, with a Heart Bypass, Septicemea, Pneumonia in June 2009 then Bowel Cancer in April 2011. He has got the all clear but is still very weak and has now got bad back and leg pains. Financially, we have been blessed in lots of small ways.
    Please help with some FS advise.


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