New Moon in Aquarius 23rd January

The New moon in Aquarius brings great changes that introduce us to the theme of the year ahead in the Dragon, that begins on the 4th of February. Known to be part of the gateway to transformation, triggering a new cycle of growth to come. This new moon brings a tide of upheaval to all that requires awakening to move forward with grace. Aquarius is the sign of the unexpected and unconventional, teaching us of the potential for change that exist in all affairs, stable or transient.

We are taken now on a journey to new horizons of broadening perspectives that open our minds to new ways of seeing things. New moons bring new beginnings, and are considered the seed of insight…opening the portal to the inner realms of contemplation that gives birth to uncharted pathways of growth and movement in directions unexplored. The new moon in Aquarius hold potential to shock us into reality in a way that forces us to open our eyes to the truth of human nature.

Aquarius is an air sign, stirring us into the shifting tides forthcoming in the year of the Water Dragon…a sign of great upheaval. Neither good or bad, this upheaval holds lessons for all to learn of becoming familiar with moving energy that opens doors for us to become free from attachment to material, impermanent “things” that we have little real need for. This new moon sheds light on the value of freedom and unpredictability in stimulating our imagination of all that is possible in the world of uncertainty…which is in truth, the only constant in the world of evolution and life.

We are blessed with great changes across the ocean of humanity and connection. This moon signifies the introduction of innovative means of connection, in the form of a global scale reform and revolution. We will see a heightened possibility for faster, more freely flowing form of communication and influence via creative platforms of initiation and sharing with one another. Through social media and instant discovery made possible, this world is about to see a significant change take place in the form of shedding need for dependence and conformity.

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