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Meditation allows time for the mind to unwind…let go and regain natural flow. The flow of energy through the central nervous system (CNS)/ brain, creates enhanced potential for the different hemispheres of the brain to connect and work together, as well as broaden perspective so as to give the practitioner freedom of insight (especially with regard to relativity). Meditation is a gateway to the higher self, more evolved and at peace, flexible with life in being less affected by stresses that would influence other less mindful beings.

Training the mind is the bridge to self mastery which teaches us to meander around outer circumstances with acceptance, grace and flexibility…with patience. It is the flexible mind, that bends with the changing winds of life, with the capacity to outlive the stubborn (like a tree trunk) – that snap easily when unsettled. Meditation develops the power within us to become solidly poised – through all conditions, unwavering, clear, certain and confident. This is the result of giving ourselves the gift of time out…to get back in touch with ourselves (as we are a part of nature) and detaching from manipulated society.

The entrance to meditation is clear and without distraction. We must first arrange our environment and be “disciplined” enough to dedicate energy and time to becoming a master of our own mind. The mind will otherwise be influenced too easily by others, with less of a loving intent than our own. Make space for meditation in your life by making physical space for it. Create a sacred place just for this purpose, be it the one place you visit in nature, a room or a corner…that promotes feelings of simplicity, clarity and calm.

Meditation is the unwinding and untying of knots within, as well as the unraveling of inner mystery so as to have “light” on the mind – bringing it back into “power” by releasing attachment that weighs it down. To bring you into your body and out of your conditioned mind of racing thoughts – stimulate your physical senses with pleasing elements. Use a candle flame to centre your focus and sound to sooth your inner rhythms, to re-mind you of the natural beats of your own heart and connect with the space within you that is in sync with the universe.

Enter the realm of just “being” and re-member your natural, untainted self that is without worry, without outer concerns, but simply inner peace, poise and clarity. This will lead you on the path to confidence and certainty that is unquestionable when it comes to steering the course of your life in a direction that is true to you and aligned with your soul – because you have awakened your soul, and there will be no denying it’s loving force. Meditation is a gift that has the potential to guide us to greater levels of awareness. All we need to do is tap into ourselves by giving ourselves the gift of time and space.

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