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The Buddhist philosophy states that all suffering stems from attachment. It is based on the knowing that all things are impermanent in life. We all die, as sure as the setting sun and as certain as each chapter in our lives come to an end. Forgetting the natural law of impermanence leads to the holding on, of stresses that pass through life, like the winds that come and go.

Breaking attachment from the age of 3 when placed in foster care for the first time, away from my family before my mother going to prison when I was 4 opened the door for me, to a journey of learning how to let go. My brother, tortured to death by drug dealers when I was eleven, nine months before my sister, his twin committing suicide was again…another lesson in letting go.

My mother’s death at 51 when I was 18 and my fathers at 46 when I was 20, taught me about the certainty of one thing in life…being death. Conditioning is very much believed to be instilled through childhood when we are at our most impressionable and yet I somehow believe that we have the power to break the patterns of behavior shown to us, at any moment we choose to realise that life is whatever we want it to be.

What I have been able to do through my own study and research in the healing arts, is let go of attachment and love the way life is by seeing the significance and purpose of events unfolding. Each of the deaths in my family have given me a profound opportunity to grow beyond illusion and into a realisation of the precious value of time and life that we are blessed with.

It’s become my very duty to myself to give to the world what I wish to leave behind out of the deeply embedded understanding of how fragile we really are and how fleeting each chapter of life can truly be. I have been given an opportunity to learn the art of living from a place of internal freedom from the detachment I have practiced through the experience of loss.

The most valuable asset I have attained through the journey so far, would be the desire to live in a way that instills the wisdom in others that we are here so briefly in truth with a glimpse of time to fulfill what only we can…contributing to the enhancement of humanity wherever possible. May you remember today, how short life can be…and let go of attachment to pain and suffering in knowing that this too shall pass.

May this be a mantra for you to live life by, so as to release your hurt and worry and move on with a mission of loving the life you live. Waste little time in life by living from your heart space and connecting with what matters to you. Remember how powerful each and every moment can be as an opportunity… to give to the world that which you wish to leave behind when you’re gone.

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