Sacred Space Astrology

art leah jade

To understand the power and limitations of Space and Time, through the transits of the heavens and their influence over our life on earth…is to learn a humbling truth. This reality is one of presence and perspective to the magnitude of our existence in being part of something greater. To understand the influence of space is to have the wisdom to choose a path most suited to the vision one has of one’s future and evolution, from an embryo of dreams and imagination to germination within a fertile womb in which one chooses to surround themselves.

If our space and environment is one that nurtures us, we have great capacity to grow and unfold from it’s foundations as the butterfly emerges from it’s cocoon. When we have a faith in the natural cycles of life in it’s unfolding transits that must take course, we have patience and virtue that carry us through what would otherwise be impossible for the spirit to flourish. When we know that impact that time (Astrology) and Space has on our lives, we become clear on what we can do to enhance our own ability to live in harmony with the greater and outer forces.

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Article authored in 2006

A reflective piece on the power of Gratitude

Published in 2010

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