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Becoming an Author has been a journey of following in the footsteps of those that have inspired me most in life. Being dyslexic as a young child, frustrated at not being able to read or write properly, gave me a determination to overcome the barriers to not only learning but also in communicating and sharing with others. Writing has been the very gateway that has opened those doors for me, as has reading and self education.

I fell in love with reading and learning from the very first time I understood how in overcoming my learning disability through a deep childhood drive and desire to do so. I basically lived in libraries from the age I first learned how to read, even skipping high school some days to educate myself around the areas I was passionate in – being human behavior, health and healing. I would spend easily the whole day at a table with books piled up at head level, devouring them as I took notes and became inspired to learn more.

Finding a book with a title that attracted me like a magnet by an inspiring man named Dr John Demartini was a turning point for me, that took my self exploration to an new level of insight and transformation. Though the pages of “The Breakthrough Experience” I was inspired to see life differently, from a place of empowerment and appreciation in a light like never before. Since that time in 2006, I began to follow the teachings of this world leading authority on Human Behavior, attending all programs I could make and devouring all of his books and products.

Also coming from a background with dyslexia, this man has been an inspiration to me in more ways than one, overcoming adversities that instilled a certainty in me that where I came from, is nothing in comparison to where I am heading. This month I was fortunate enough to finally talk with Dr John Demartini and share with him my book. It was a special and significant moment that I was grateful for beyond words. Having this man read my book and provide inspirational feedback has given me a confirmation that anything is possible.

Through this achievement I have discovered that what we appreciate most will always find a way to manifest. We will somehow draw in the opportunity to create whatever it is that we hold onto in our hearts above all else. When we have nothing but love and gratitude for something, we will grow from this space and be rewarded for the very belief in our dreams.

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