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“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live”
– Unknown

I believe that laughter can be the most potent medicine for the soul. Along the way, I have found there to be times where nothing else would do but a good dose of comedy to distract me. The mind can be such a stubborn tree at times, fixated and inflexible to the detriment of our own energy. I have found that bypassing the mind during times of worry and stress, can give us the clarity once more to move forward with freedom. I have always felt that in order to switch on properly, we need to switch off properly and allow ourselves the time to recharge before finding our feet once more. To laugh and to love are the greatest of all human powers that set us free from any pain endured as part of our evolving journey.

There is nothing in my eyes, that either one of these gifts can’t ease and transform by the mere nature of their experience. To laugh and to love is to live completely, free and fulfilled. The most powerful healing forces within the human spirit…we must give ourselves such joy if we are to live to the full, without regrets and evolve to the highest possible degree that we so truly have the potential to. Finding love in places I never knew I could, from the darkness and the demons, has been an enormous turning point in my own journey, in finding the place within my heart that is free. Not to forgive but to appreciate, understand and have compassion for, Finding love has been my own greatest blessing in healing the wounds of hurt.

We all suffer and feel pain along the way as part of the human experience, and to come home to the place within that loves and laughs, is to dissolve the hurt and transform it in ways that break the barriers of belief. I believe that we have the capacity by loving through the power of understanding and gratitude, to turn our compost into gardens where our lives become so much richer and more abundantly powerful. I wonder if there are places in your life that you have been, things that have hurt you or people that have left you somehow scarred? Could you find love in your heart for them through the power of insight whereby you discover human compassion and understanding. I wonder if there are things that have happened in your life that you could take as a gift and transform from hurt to happiness through the determination to do so.

My wish and prayer for all of you is to find the ability to laugh and experience the joy and gift of love through all of your life. May you see the mountain peaks beyond the grey clouds and know that the gifts are always waiting, just beyond the darkness. With love and joy, I wish you well on your journey, from the bottom of my heart. May you love your way through life and laugh you way through sadness as you grow in this human form. God knows it is the best way out of the storm.

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